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The foreskin is a thin layer of skin in men which covers the head of the male organ, the penis. Also if a man is circumcised; then your foreskin has been removed from the shaft to the middle of the penis. However, you can also see some scars from the area where your tissues were removed. Also, the foreskin problems occur more in men who are uncircumcised.

Sometimes the conditions can be so severe that you may need immediate; attention from the doctors. So, if you go through the foreskin problems like tightening, swelling, infections, or inflammations. Then you can consult a sexologist in Delhi at the earliest. To know more about the foreskin problems, and the treatments then read down the article till the end.

Some of the foreskin problems that can affect a man are as follows-

There are a lot of foreskin problems that can affect a man during his lifetime. However, by getting the right treatments, you can get fully fine. Some of the foreskin

1. Balanitis-

It is an inflammation infection in men, which is caused due to some infections, or chronic skin issues. So, if you keep poor hygiene or are too hygienic; both these problems can cause Balanitis problems in men. Also, this problem is an outcome of yeast and bacteria growth in public areas. And as the pubic region is highly moist and warm these bacterias; find the place ideal to grow.

Irritation in the pubic area of men due to Balanitis; can be due to-

  1. If you do not rinse soap well; after the shower.
  2. You use soaps having scents to clean the pubic area or the penis.
  3. Cleaning penis with bar soaps; which dry your skin out.
  4. There is a lot of lotions and sprays used over your penis.

 Balanitis can also be an outcome of some side effects of laxatives, pain killers, antibiotics, sleeping pills etc. This condition is also known as drug eruption.

Some of the other causes of Balanitis are-

  1. Severe diabetes
  2. Some reactive arthritis
  3. sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhoea, syphilis etc.

Symptoms of Balanitis-

  1. Itchy genitals
  2. Unwanted discharge from the penis.
  3. foreskin tight
  4. Pain in the skin.

2. Tightness-

A lot of men also complain of tightness, and it makes it very painful and has a lot of sensations during the movement. This also generally shows the signs of phimosis; in which you are not able to pull back your foreskin. However, this problem is very common in young boys; but by the time of 17, it should be able to be pulled back till the end.

Some of the common causes of tightness of foreskin in men can be-

  1. Scarring, which happens; if the foreskin is pulled back at the young age of men.
  2. Some bacterial, fungal and viral infections can also cause the problem of tightness in men.
  3. Poor hygiene, inflammation can also cause tightness of the foreskin.

3. Swelling-

The swelling in the penis can cause paraphimosis in men. In this problem; the foreskin can not go back to the normal stage; after it has been retracted in men. This problem is a medical emergency, as also the circulation is cut off. This pulling back of the skin can also lead to a tight foreskin, retraction of the foreskin, etc.

So, if the swelling in the penis occurs due to swelling; you need to see a doctor immediately. As the pulled-back skin can also cause a blood flow cut in the head of the penis. In rare cases, it may also lead to the removal of some parts of the penis.

You should see a doctor immediately if –

  1. You see swelling around the penis and foreskin tightness.
  2. There is a change of colour in your penis area.
  3. There is a loss of sensation; or reduction in sensation in your penis area.

Treatments for the infections in the Pubic area-

There are some things; which can be done. That will reduce the chances for you to get back the infections. And will also make your present situations better; if you deal with the conditions of infections in the pubic area-

  1. Apply cream and ointments to affected areas- On your condition; you should talk to a doctor; and get some antibiotics and anti-fungal treatments to cure your conditions.
  2. Focus on your hygiene– The best way to get rid of foreskin problems and infections is to wash your penis and pubic area well every day. For this, you can also use mild and fragrance-free soaps.
  3. Wear cotton clothes– To reduce the pain and the swelling; in your conditions. Try wearing some loose cotton clothes; especially the inner ones.
  4. Use cold compress- In case of swellings and inflammations; the best is to use a cold compress in your pubic regions; to reduce the swelling from it.
  5. Cover your penis– If your penis is getting irritated due to a scratch against the cloth; or if it is injured due to any of the reasons. Then the best is to cover your penis with a bandage and protect it.
  6. Circumcision- Most foreskin problems; are a cause of non-circumcision in men. Thus, to cure these problems successfully; most doctors, especially in the conditions of Balanitis, do circumcision. In this, the tight foreskin of the penis is removed very carefully; by the doctor.

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Who is the best sexologist in Delhi for curing foreskin issues-

If you are looking for a well knowledgeable and famous doctor; who can cure your intimate problems; such as foreskin issues. Then you should certainly contact Dr. Chirag Bhandari; who is also the director and the co-founder; of the IASH, India. He is a well-known sexologist in Delhi and is recommended by a lot of people and doctors. Also, he has the highest success rates of solving male issues.

Take Away-

Foreskin problems are common in men; especially young ones. As their foreskin is not circumcised well. Thus, this problem can cause a lot of infections, inflammations, and swelling in public areas. So, if you are also one of the people who is dealing with such intimate problems and conditions. Then you should seek medical help immediately. Also, if you are looking for a sexologist or an institute; which can help you get out of these problems. Then check out the official site of “IASH India“.

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