Food Packaging Ideas for Small Food Business in the USA

Food packaging plays a vital role in the success of a business. It is how manufacturers or business people market their products, and this has to be done with extreme care. Talking about food packaging ideas in the US, the packing has to be attractive, user friendly, and most importantly, should stand out from the other similar products. Great packaging design can significantly influence customers’ perception of a product. The package provides the first impression of a product, and sometimes it makes the difference between a sale and no sale. Innovation is the ultimate key in this regard, and you can try different packaging ideas like a cardboard box, Polyethylene, and metal. It is essential to check the recent market trends in the packaging industry before making any decision regarding packing.

It all starts with innovation. No matter what company you are dealing with, innovation is the key. Considering that you are related to the food business, here are some ideas you will love. Don’t worry; these ideas are related to packaging and are quite easily manageable, even for small food businesses.

  1. Going with a Glass jar
    According to global statistics, glass jars are considered the top packaging containers for food products. There is practically a diverse range of food products with which you can use glass jars. From fruits to fresh jams, the pots can pack and store the items fashionably.
    Also, the overall usage of glass jars adds a sense of luxury to your brand. Exporting glass jar-based products from place to place is still an issue. But when done right, it will boost your products sales for sure. It is also relatively cost-effective on a bulk order model.
  2. Cardboard Box
    Is there even something you can’t ship using a cardboard box? The answer is no. This shows the overall diversity of the cardboard boxes. In terms of food-based products, the comprehensive range of the packages do get limited. This is because of the nature of food products that can be shipped using cardboard boxes.
    But in terms of sustainability and budget management, cardboard is in the box. Cardboard will be perfect if you are more related to the fruits shipping food business. All you need is a cardboard plate with a see-through plastic cover. It will be cost-effective as well.
  3. Polyethylene Based Packaging
    There are indeed some non-environment-friendly consequences associated with the use of polythene-based packaging. But considering the overall scale of this packaging, you can’t practically deny its usage.
    The packaging distributes widely throughout the globe. Because of this, the average cost of making is very low for such packaging.
    Plus, the significant point here is the diversity of polyethylene-based packaging. Even with glass jars or cardboard boxes, polyethylene packaging is often used. Many times also increased the overall product visibility by using such packaging. If you are in a food-related business, that’s a solid plus.
  4. Styrofoam Plates
    Time to move towards more quick food business models. In other words, fast food. Within this food category, there is no solid type of packaging involved. Instead, the customer will order the food you need to serve in a few minutes.
    You need to acquire and distribute Styrofoam plates as packaging in a fast-paced environment. From burgers to pasta, the Styrofoam plates can handle almost everything. Plus, these plates are super good with bulk orders. You can hand them out separately to the consumers as well.
  5. Vacuum Bag
    The concept of vacuum bag-based packaging is relatively new. Today, consumers are enjoying fresh edible items that were packaged weeks ago. But how is that even possible? Well, it is because of vacuum-based packaging. The product within the packaging remains preserved for a long time this way.
    Generally, the vacuum bags are PE-based. Some companies out there manufacture such bags from plastic other than PE. But whatever plastic is used, it is FDA approved. The primary food sector targeted by this packaging is the meat market, where preservation is everything.
  6. Metal Container
    Such a fantastic packaging idea indeed. Well, it’s true up to some extent that the overall cost of a metal container-based packaging will be super high. But, the preservation and the presentation of food associated with metal containers is spot on. In addition, the nutrient locking technology in these tins is also unique.
    Using a metal container also lets you ship your products through a vast region. This is because of the overall sturdy build quality of such containers. They don’t deform easily. Also, you can chill a metal container if you are planning to pack frozen items within it.
    Factors affecting your Choice
    Cost is a crucial factor. Cost management is essential if you are a start-up looking to get that breakthrough in the market. You surely won’t want to spend all your capital on the packaging of the products alone. That’s why to consider your options well before reaching a particular decision.
    The term ‘shelf-life’ is associated with food-based products and businesses. Comparing the shelf-life of a biscuit and fresh fruits, the biscuit is the clear winner. The biscuit can stay on the shelf without exceptional condition for longer than fruits or similar items.
    The food item’s weight determines the type of packaging you will be going with. If it’s more than average, you need some solid packaging, like meat products. For other food products, you don’t need to consider this much.
    Again, the preservation factors are associated with the type of food one is dealing with in the first place. So if you are talking about the biscuits and related categories, preservation is not a significant issue. But at the same time, for meat and similar products, you need to follow a series of protocols.
    What’s the best way of selling a food item? Simple, show the consumer its vibrant colors and mouth-watering appearance. To do so effectively, go with more visible packaging. Plus, such kind of packaging is also relatively cost-efficient.
    Storage impact
    The term storage impact refers to the overall effect of the packaging on food items. Certain types of plastics impact the overall appearance of a food item over time. You need to be super sure before getting into such kind of packaging.
    Final note
    The world is always full of possibilities. At every crossroad, you will find a dire need for innovation. And if you have a food-based business, you need to get innovative with the packaging domain. The most cost-efficient stream to go along.
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