Five Key Areas for Bathroom Renovations

The bathrooms in your home are essential facilities. As well as serving practical importance for cleaning and such, bathrooms also say a lot about the character of a home and about your style. Renovation plumbing Perth can help with updating fixtures and such. There is a lot you can change in a bathroom, so here are five key areas that make a big difference to how the space feels and how you use it.


If you have just a modest-sized bathroom, you won’t have much floor space. You may as well splurge on some decent flooring. If you have floorboards, it’s important that they are treated correctly using sandpaper and several coats of varnish. Without the proper coating, the boards will rot because of the damp environment. There are some lovely flooring options available, you might even want to go down the path of heated flooring!


When it is time to replace a bathtub, you will find there are a lot of choices. If you are someone who really enjoys taking a bath, you could spend more on a design that is a bit more luxurious like a freestanding option. Something traditional looking like a Victorian tub or claw tub may also look great. If you are more of a shower person and do not want a bathtub at all then, splash out on a shower you can really soak in and enjoy. A good plumber for bathroom renovation work can help advise you.


People vary on what they do with the walls. Some choose to tile some parts and some choose to paint using a waterproof paint. Other people choose to tile their bathrooms from floor to ceiling. Tiles of high quality have an advantage as they can last for decades, whereas you may need to re-paint the walls sooner than that.

Cabinets and storage

Most people feel they could do with more storage and cabinet options in their bathroom, but there are only so many ways and places to put them! There are cabinets that are space economic and make the most of limited space. It’s worth thinking about storage so you can get clever with your options. You can do so much better than a boring mirrored cabinet above your sink.


Some people choose to keep their old toilet even during a renovation, but there are a lot of great modern toilets now so consider upgrading to, even if you think your old one is fine. best plumbers perth experts can recommend some environmentally friendly options that use less water.


The above are 5 of the main areas that might need updating in a bathroom renovation. Whatever you chose to do, make sure you enlist a licensed and professional plumber for bathroom renovation work. Look for a reputable business with good reviews and take a look at their portfolio to see the kind of bathrooms they have worked on in the past. The more, the better!

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