Five facts about the best Credit Cards for fuel that will blow your mind.

Purchasing fuel with the help of a credit card makes it a bit inexpensive. Various credit card providers help you offer certain rewards and discounts that help combat India’s high price of fuel. Apart from that, using these credit cards for fuel can also help you withdraw cash.

One can withdraw it on an interest-free basis. One can also look forward to various discounts and emergency loans with the help of the best credit card for fuel. Before you indulge in one of these credit cards for fuel, get to know some interesting facts about them.

Apart from lowering the expenditure on fuel, these credit cards can also help the cardholder in various ways.

Offering frequent cashback

With the help of certain credit card payments, you can get various benefits in the form of cashback. It means that when you perform a certain kind of transaction with the help of your credit card, it will help you earn some reward points. Apart from that, you will be getting a fixed amount as a refund. It depends on the value of your transaction. You can make use of the collective amount to pay off the cost of your fuel. Continue reading this guide to know some facts about the best credit card for fuel that can blow your mind.

Surcharge waiver

It is one of the ways that you can lower down the fuel cost. In addition, you can make proper use of the surcharge waiver that every credit card provider offers. Generally, credit card companies levy a transaction fee whenever you tend to buy fuel.

Benefits of extra reward points with the help of credit card tie-ups

Various credit card companies tie up with some specific fuel stations. Whenever you tend to buy from these stations, you tend to get reward points. It is given in addition to the cashback or surcharge. You can later use some of these reward points for financing your fuel cost.

Store-specific reward

Most of the credit cards would offer you various reward points on the transactions that you make. For example, you collect credit points, book your airplane tickets, buy groceries, clothes, or order food. Later you can use these points that you have accumulated to finance your fuel cost. Hence, using your credit card smartly can help you purchase fuel at an affordable rate. Moreover, if you do not have a credit card, you can apply for it while considering the various benefits that you can get.

Credit score plays a major role.

If you have multiple credit cards, it won’t hurt your credit score. An individual who has more than one kind of credit card has a boost in the score. But every time you apply for a new credit card, your score will fall by a few points. If you want to lessen the impact of various new inquiries on the credit score, you need to apply for the new credit card after the tenure of six months or more. Different card issuers tend to restrict the number of cards that one can use.

Using a credit card is one healthy habit if you want to indulge in one healthy financial plan. You can strategize your monthly budget well in advance. If you want to check your credit card aspects, you can visit the RBL card login portal and log in with your card number and IFSC code. Sometimes the fuel charges become an extra expense, especially at the end of the month. To cut that cost, you can use the best credit card for fuel.

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