Finding The Best Lawyers For A DUI Charge

Also known as a DUI, Driving under the Influence means driving when you have had too much alcohol to drink, or when you are under the influence of a drug of some kind. It is a serious criminal offence and is punishable with a fine, a loss of license and some prison time in certain cases. In Australia, a DUI is more serious than a DWI charge. It is a sad fact that people driving under the influence are on the rise, this means when they are caught and charged they need the best lawyers for drink driving offences. That means finding a good criminal lawyer who can build a case, represent you in court and help either prove your innocence or have the punishment reduced.

Different charges in the Australian courts

There are different charges depending on how evidence is collected, whether it is your first charge, if you only have a learner’s license and more. A PCA is a prescribed concentration alcohol charge, this means you were tested by a breathalyser when pulled over and failed it. A DUI might happen if it has been 2 hours since you drove, you had to be taken to the hospital because of an accident, or police have concerns about you being under the influence and then blood and urine are tested. With a lawyer drink driving expert you have more chance of having charges reduced.

First offence – These are the possible penalties of your first offence DUI. You can head to prison for up to 18 months, you pay a fine of $3300, you lose your license for 6 to 12 months depending on if your lawyer is successful in getting an exemption from that. There are conditions placed on your license.

A second offence and more – You pay a fine of up to $5500. You have license conditions for up to 48 months, potential prison time up to 24 months and a license ban of 9 to 12 months.

Charges can have a huge impact on your life

It is important to look for the best lawyers for drink driving offences because this kind of thing can have a much bigger impact on you and your life than you might think. It is not just the practical considerations of not being able to drive yourself to work or to social events. Having a criminal charge on your record could impact your job and being able to find another job if you need to. It costs you a lot of money to defend against and the fines. If your actions cause harm to others that is going to have an emotional and mental impact as well.


Are being charged with the offence of driving while drunk or under the influence? You need a lawyer drink driving professional. They have the best knowledge of criminal law and can help you either in prving you are not guilty or in reducing the punishment you receive. They can also offer legal advice through the whole process.

Bio – McNally & Gleeson Lawyers is a leading Melbourne criminal law firm. Established in 1994, and formally Michael J Gleeson & Associates, we specialise in all police and criminal matters and pride ourselves on our persevering commitment to our clients. We represent our clients in police and criminal charges from bail applications through to plea hearings, contested criminal trials and final appeals.

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