Facing Criminal Charges

When are you looking to hire a theft crime lawyer to represent your case in court, you want a lawyer whose goal is to have the charges dismissed. But every case has its own details and differences so your lawyer should have the best skills and experience that best suit you and yours. You want the best outcome possible which means getting the best criminal lawyer possible. Seasoned lawyers are better than newly qualified and licensed ones.

The role of a criminal attorney

When you are looking for someone who can represent you well you need experienced lawyers because they are more likely to help you avoid the worst penalties or have it dismissed. They know the law and can commit the attention needed to your case. There are different areas of law, so you want someone focused on criminal law not family law for example. They should have the best knowledge and expertise. When you look for an auto theft lawyer you are looking for a criminal lawyer with enough experience in helping clients with auto theft charges. Some lawyers might offer other services or can help connect you to other services to help you including;

  • Rehabilitation options
  • Counselling
  • Community services
  • Sealing arrest records
  • First offenders programs

Consider choosing someone local to you

There are some great lawyers out there so when looking for a theft crime lawyer it could be a good idea to stick to a more local firm. There are some advantages to lawyers who already work in the area taking your case. They are respected in the field, they know other legal professionals such as investigators, bail bondsmen, judges, legal programs, other lawyers and so on. They might have received some kind of local recognition for their work which is a good way of finding a lawyer with a good reputation.

This is your best line of defence for your case

Choosing a good auto theft lawyer is the best way to defend yourself. The better lawyer you can find, the better representation you can get. Make sure they are qualified and licensed and check they have experience with being in the courtroom. You need to feel they understand all your concerns and have taken them on board. If you are unsure schedule a visit so you can get a better feel for them and how well they communicate with you. You want a lawyer who does not talk down to you that you can be honest with.


When you are facing criminal charges you need to look for professional legal representation that is skilled, experienced and gets good results. Not all lawyers are equal in their ability to defend their clients. Dealing with this situation is stressful and a good lawyer can help lift some of that stress for you. Take a look online and search for local criminal lawyers and then see if they have specific experience in auto theft or whatever you are being charged with.

Bio – McNally & Gleeson Lawyers is a leading Melbourne criminal law firm. Established in 1994, and formally Michael J Gleeson & Associates, we specialise in all police and criminal matters and pride ourselves on our persevering commitment to our clients. We represent our clients in police and criminal charges from bail applications through to plea hearings, contested criminal trials and final appeals.

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