Face Waxing. Is it Good to Wax Your Face? What is the Full Face Waxing Benefits?

Hair removal has evolved and has become an essential part of our confidence in hygiene and personality. Women especially prefer lots of different methods to remove hairs. Some popular hair removal methods are waxing, using razors, sugaring, laser hair removal, hair removal creams, etc. we will talk specifically about waxing especially face waxing. Waxing is quite common for arms and legs hair removal, but it is a common query: Can we wax our face, and is it good to wax your face? Are there any full-face waxing benefits?

Your facial skin is susceptible as compared to your other areas, so waxing is a tricky method, and yes, you can wax your face. Face waxing has provided incredible long-lasting and smooth hairless skin results. 

Correct Method of Waxing Face at Home?

Waxing is not complicated and can be done at home easily with few practice attempts. For waxing your face, waxing kits are available in the markets. The method includes heating wax in a wax heater to a bearable temperature that does not cause burning skin. Apply to the area where you want to remove hair. On drying, pull out in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Waxing at home is a cost-free option, but this needs so much practice, so it is better to give up a few bucks and get facial wax done by an expert. The facial wax is very affordable and will never go out of your budget.

Pros and Cons of Waxing Face, Does Face Waxing Loosen Skin?

It’s a big myth that waxing the face loosens the skin; no waxing done correctly doesn’t cause skin loosening. The pros of waxing your face are: it is long-lasting, gives your skin an extra smooth texture, and is significantly less costly. The cons include skin irritation in sensitive skin especially. There are chances of ingrown hairs if the skin is not exfoliated frequently. Another disadvantage is that you have to wait a month or more until the hairs grow up to half an inch so you can pull them.

How can we prevent redness and irritation? There are post-wax oils and lotions are available in retailers that can vanish redness if used immediately after waxing. Keep tracking your growth and set your timing according to it.

What happens when you wax frequently? How often should I wax my face?

Hair growth varies from person to person and inheritance. Facial hairs are thin and short as compared to other areas. Waxing face hardly takes 15-20 minutes or even less if done by professionals. But a question arises, how often should I wax my face? What happens if I wax every three weeks?

Waxing your face every three weeks is not how waxing works! It would be best to wait until hairs grow at least up to a size at which you can pull them. Mainly hair growth takes 28 days; after 28 days, the desired size is ready for removal. The skin still looks smooth because the hairs become thinner as you wax every month. Waxing every month is the best option for facial hairs; in this way, the skin will not loosen, or wrinkles will not appear.

Those who still fear skin loosening can massage their face every week and do a facial exercise every day for 5 minutes only. Facial exercises have shown tremendous results and help restore face symmetry and skin health.

You can choose any method for facial hair removal as per your preferences. All forms have their benefits, and it is on one’s self what suits you best.   

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