Exposing a new cryptocurrency leverage trading 

A novel cryptocurrency leverage trading is only attainable through BTCC. This is essential because they are the national as well as international options of successful crypto and futures trading. They have excelled much above the expectations of their global users due to their positive and true commitments. 

Clubbing cryptocurrency leverage trading with exciting gifts in BTCC

It is unbelievably true, but an elite member of BTCC can club his or her cryptocurrency leverage trading with irresistible gifts, bonuses, and rewards. However, in 2020, for Easter holiday celebrations they gave out a physical silver coin since in ancient China, the silver coin symbolized not only the good fortune but also a precious gift as an auspicious blessing.

Each of the pure silver gifted coins which were interrelated with the successful cryptocurrency leverage trading had a circular pattern that symbolized the prosperity of the blockchain industry. The leaf pattern in its outer layer signified that the cryptocurrency industry will continue to grow and flourish in the future and the meaning of the silver coin perfectly resonated with the beliefs and philosophies of BTCC.

Nevertheless, there were certain rules involved like a user had to follow the official Twitter account of BTCC and re-tweet the activity and tag his or her friends. Eventually, predict the BTC or USDT price and hashtag his or her predicted price as well as hashtag BTCC.  This eminent cryptocurrency leverage trading would then select one of the lucky winners with the closest price.

The terms of this authentic cryptocurrency leverage trading were that the coin would be delivered by mail within seven days of the announcement and they will announce the winner within two working days after the end of the campaign and their basis is purely on their index price and at the specified time to choose the winner with the closest price. They also claimed that they reserve total rights to amend or cancel the competition or the competition rules at their sole discretion.

How to start cryptocurrency leverage trading in BTCC   

The cryptocurrency leverage trading can be initiated simply by registering at BTCC. This is through the provision of a few personal details that will assist them in smoothly processing the deposits as well as the withdrawals of their esteemed members.

Additionally, they have a support center that is quite exhaustive and their staff is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to assist the valued members. Cryptocurrency leverage trading can be fun if you are in a community wherein over 200,000 global users have joined so far. This digital asset trading is a novel industry with bright prospects. Though trendy the user has to also note that it could at times be risky as well, especially in the leveraged trading and leveraging multiples and simultaneously expanding profits and amplifying the associated risks.

An interested user has to simply access https://www.btcc.com/ and they strongly recommend their eminent members to trade within their own risks. They also make their members aware of trading risks and how to keep themselves cautious when entering this competitive global market.  

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