Explained: How to use payment links for your business

The efficiency of online payment methods has multiplied rapidly in recent times! From UPI payments to online bank transfers, you have multiple options to host for your e-commerce business. One such payment option that you can add to your list of services is payment links! A payment link is a one-time invoice transaction that you can create to facilitate online payments. Scale your business further using this advanced service that can help you offer customised services to your customers. How can you use this service to the fullest? What are the ways in which this service helps uplift online payment facilities? Let us discover answers to these questions and learn a little bit more about payment links! y2 mte com

Payment Links: Create Customised Transaction Services

A payment link is basically a URL or QR code link that directs customers to a standalone web page to make payments. The link facilitates a one-time transaction intended for a particular recipient. Businesses can process customised transactions using payment links. To understand how it works, click here to know more. Read on to comprehend how you can utilise this service to your benefit using a cost-effective platform! 

Facilitate online payments in a few clicks on the transaction link! 

Steps To Create A Secure Payment Link For Transactions 

You can create payment links for your good and services by following a few simple steps. Here, the payment gateway service provider plays a major role! The more credible gateway service you choose, the higher will be your chances of reaping cumulative benefits! 

Create Link Via A Secure Payment Gateway 

You need the secured services of a payment gateway to create a link. Visit the online portal of the service provider. Enter all the required details of the product or service for which you have to create the link. 

Share The Link Through Different Mediums 

Once the link is ready, share it using different mediums like WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and Email address. This way, it becomes easy to circulate the link and ask the customers to process payments. 

Wait For Customers To Process Payments 

After the links are circulated, you just have to wait for your customers to process the payment. You can track the response in your merchant account with the payment gateway. 

Top Features of A Protected Payment Link 

As a business owner, you must know all the tricks of the trade involved in payment links. The top features of a well-protected link are: 

  • It allows accepting payments through multiple sources, including net payments, debit and credit cards, etc. 
  • Easy creation of on-the-go links using a reliable payment gateway. The features of the platform you choose will simplify the process further for you!
  • Some payment gateways host a partial payment option where customers can use the link to pay half of the outstanding amount. 
  • Payment links serve as a smart solution for all kinds of industries and businesses. You just need to identify your way of utilising the benefits! 

Know When To Create Payment Links 

When should you create a payment link to collect dues from customers? Well, consider the given situations perfect to create these transaction links. 

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