Evil in human beings

We justify evil in such beautiful ways that the idol of the human intellect and aristocracy is defiled. You can ask everyone, “Why do you hate or hurt another person?” “Do you not see goodness in that?” And you will get a quick response. Unfortunately! He is the greatest devil in the world. And you start making arguments and arguments that are always convincing. He did this or that, or he said this or that, and so on.

We do it confidently and always morally and intellectually, and even so-called practical, happy and peaceful, like any very peaceful angel. This tendency or human trait is terribly dangerous for the survival of any humanism in the world.

With such perfect morality and

 a clear conscience we kill, stab, rob, humiliate others. This trend covers our whole life and spreads evil all over the world.

Unfortunately, we never realize that we are diagnosing ourselves, looking for the evil in ourselves and destroying it before it leaves us. We never blame ourselves. We always blame others. We never take responsibility for analyzing our own role in its spread in the wicked world.

We never admit our mistakes.

 Accepting the reality of your mistakes leads to self-diagnosis instead of blaming others. Man is an angel in his own eyes and hellishly cares to see his own evil with a neutral eye and a neutral, flawless intellect.

We believe that Satan is responsible for all evil, not himself. We believe that the creation of evil in man is the work of evil, the ugly Satan. We are always to blame. The tragedy is that such reasoning closes our eyes to our inner selves. In fact, evil is in you, not outside. Instead of cursing Satan, we must seek within ourselves to accept and find.

What matters is that man is born with an evil nature and,

 from birth, himself or part of it. The path of life continues with a dead conscience and dead morality, without a single ray of healthy self-criticism. The tendency to criticize others, not ourselves, deprives us of calling ourselves good people.

Boule Shah’s famous poem, Mary Bucal de Vich Chor, best describes reality. This is a great idea created by the proud Punjab. It is amazing that many centuries ago, Bullah Shah could think of the highest intellectual reasons and thoughts.

We can not do this even in the modern

 world of human passion and material development. If we recognize the importance and significance of these verses today, we can work miracles and carry out a great spiritual and spiritual revolution within ourselves. A revolution in the heart of a person will lead to a revolution in the nation and the rest of humanity.

Envy in us leads to the destruction of a mandir, kalisa or mosque in our hearts and creates a poison that poisons society. Excessive focus on Satan kills self-diagnosis and deep thinking. The need of the clock is not to look for the devil outside, but to look within ourselves.

Control and domination over evil is possible only by entering the mind and beating the heart, nothing else. Purify your soul; you cleanse all mankind. Opportunity, opportunity for you. Use or delete.

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By Michael Caine

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