Everything You Need to Know About Premixed Cocktails

Premixed cocktails are readymade cocktails brewed with a single spirit. These pre mixed drinks are easy to prepare and store for months. Unlike cocktails made by a bartender, you can have them at home. Premixed cocktails are readymade cocktails brewed with a single spirit. These pre mixed drinks are easy to prepare and store for months. Unlike cocktails made by a bartender, you can have them at home. They are a popular choice for cocktail parties or birthday venues Singapore.

Premixed cocktails are made from a spirit

Pre mixed drinks are beverages made using a base spirit and other ingredients, such as ice and citrus fruits. They are not necessarily blended by hand. Instead, premixed drinks are commercially prepared beverages that can be served in various ways. They usually contain alcohol by four to seven percent, although some drinks have higher alcohol concentrations. These drinks are often sold in cans or bottles in Australia.

Although premixed cocktails are still a tiny part of the spirits industry, their growth rate is burgeoning. They grew by almost 42 percent last year, topping beer and hard seltzer. 

Bartenders whip them up

Premixed cocktails are ready-to-serve drinks that don’t require a mixologist’s expertise. These drinks are made in a bottle and include fresh fruit juices and simple syrup. They’re an excellent option for parties and other social events where guests may not have access to the bartenders or mixers. Premixed cocktails are also easier to store and consume than canned drinks, which can lose their freshness and taste after a few days.

One of the significant advantages of premixed cocktails is that the bartender doesn’t have to spend any time mixing drinks during the service. This means they can focus on making other drinks, enhancing the patron’s experience at the bar. In addition to saving time, the drinks can also boost revenue.

They can be stored for months

Many drinks are now available as premixed drinks. Instead of mixing each drink separately, you can pour all the ingredients into a large container and store it in the fridge until the time comes for the party. The bottles are also handy for storing and can last for months.

One tip for storing the cocktail for longer is to freeze it. This will give it a creamier texture, but it may lose its original flavour. If you freeze the cocktail, drink it soon after thawing it out.

Generally, unopened cocktails of at least 25% ABV can be kept at room temperature for up to three months. Once opened, the cocktail will lose its flavour and may have a duller taste. On the other hand, ready-to-drink margaritas can be stored for four to six months.

They are easy to make

Premixed cocktails can save you time by allowing you to assemble the ingredients needed to make an elegant cocktail quickly. Most of the ingredients can be easily purchased at your local liquor store. Premixed cocktails should be stored in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Shaking them well before serving is essential to ensure the right texture, emulsion, and dilution.

They save time

Premixed cocktails are a great way to save time when mixing cocktails. You can mix up a pre-made batch and store it in the refrigerator. However, it would be best to shake it before serving to ensure the ingredients were adequately diluted. Shaking will also improve the texture and emulsion of the drink.

They are a party planner’s best friend

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, a bachelorette party, or a corporate event, premixed cocktails are a party planner’s best friend. They eliminate the hassle of sticking over a liquor cabinet or sifting through tequila bottles to make the perfect mix. Instead, you can pour the ingredients into a pitcher and let guests serve themselves.

When making cocktail mix, remember that mint will bruise and turn brown if you mix it the day before. Therefore, adding fresh mint on the day of service is best. Citrus fruits can be sliced a few hours before the party, but this is time-consuming. In addition, you can use Ziploc bags of ice to avoid watering down your drinks.

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