Essential Tools & Equipment Necessary for A Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding bells are ringing! Such a fascinating moment of your life. Even the patience quotient in you cannot wait for the special day you will go through, where you will be no less than a show starter and show stopper. All eyes will be catching you and wanting to hurdle around you. All lips will discuss the dress and about the wedding event. But you should know that all the hiccups related to your wedding day will last for not more than 24 hours. So, is there any medium to expand the wedding charm? Obviously, there is. And, what is that? Find a wedding photographer. But is this exploration of getting a photographer easy?

Getting a professional Oxfordshire wedding photographer can be difficult considering the number of parameters. Let’s go through all those attributes you need to find with your CHOSEN photographer about the essential tools they MUST carry on your wedding day at the venue. 

The first and foremost thing that you need to check with the cameraman is whether they have extra and backup batteries in their kit. The additional camera will become active if the primary one stops showing its functionality. This camera is no less than a rescue mission for your photographer who may face a fuss due to non-functionality or other technical glitches. 

Next comes the longer lens that a photographer is carrying during the ceremonies. And, it should be there in your photographer’s arsenal anyhow. Why? You should understand that it’s your wedding day, and guests will be standing to present their gifts and have a short interaction with you and your partner. Apart from this, invitees will also be lingering near you during every ritual. Hence, your photographer is trying to disperse the crowd. So, it will be nice to capture all those special moments from a distance but with high-resolution pictures. Therefore, it will be perfect for keeping long-distance covering lenses as an acumen during the entire event. 

In addition to this, you MUST expect that the wedding photographer you are hiring holds great expertise in taking you and your partner to another place of the venue where the background is just awesome to take snapshots of you two in those spots. Sometimes, it may happen that even the widest horizon creates magic when those snapshots come out as pictures. For this purpose, photographers need to have wide-angle and prime lenses. Why a prime lens? Sometimes, you just need to create an effect of some utopian phases just to enhance the glamour you and your partner hold as a couple. 

Considering that there are many churches present in Oxfordshire and if you like the flavour of vintage in your life, you may approach some of these churches which though their darkness and dim light depict the el-Classico old-times-good-memories syndrome. But, that will not be compatible for your photographer as they will seek lighted areas to get the best of the images. Hence, your photographer should have tools related to the Speedlight photography technique to tackle such issues. 

In addition to this, you must understand the fact that you may be feeling proud and hold 100% trust over the skills exhibited by your photographer. But, that’s not the full story, even if the photographer has strong and stable hands. Why? Because there can be the arrival of some instances when they have to be more vigilant, and they may lose control. So, what can be done for those times? The answer is tripods. Tripods are safe stands that expand the reliability of getting smoother pictures without distortion or blur. 

And lastly, the cleaning solution to wipe out patches from the lenses of these cameras are mandatory to ensure a better picture getting stored through those lenses. Hence, if your photographer is carrying all these elements with them, you are ready to tell them the wedding date and any advance payment you have to make to book them for the event. 

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By Cary Grant

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