Epoxy Flooring – Great For Many Reasons

When you have a concrete floor anywhere and you need to protect it from spills, wear and tear and accidents then you might want to look into people who offer epoxy floors Brisbane. Epoxy is a coating made from liquid polymer resin and chemicals that cause it to harden. When the epoxy is poured by experts over a base material they add first or over the flooring already there like concrete, it creates a protective layer. While it is more commonly used on concrete it can be used on other materials like wood, or you could choose to have a floor just made from epoxy.

Many industrial uses

This flooring is especially common in industrial and commercial situations because it creates a surface that is resistant to all kinds of things from damage to chemical spills. Floor preparation and coating brisbane contractors can also mix other things into the flooring such as sand, coloured chips or other hard plastics so that the flooring has good traction and is not slippery to walk on. The usual type of sand experts use for this purpose is quartz sand. If, for example, the flooring is for a large commercial kitchen, you would want a nonslip surface so that there is less danger of serious accidents like hot spills and such. A lot of epoxy floors also have other desirable properties such as anti-static which is required in laboratories and in electronic manufacturing sites where electrical charges could do real damage to equipment that is highly sensitive.

Moving into homes too

While epoxy floors Brisbane are more often found in industrial and commercial spaces and public properties, it is still becoming more popular in residential buildings too. An epoxy kitchen floor is great to handle all that foot traffic, drops and spills. A bathroom epoxy floor can handle the moisture and heavy use. Consider an epoxy floor for the entry and hallway too. If you like the hardwood floor appearance and do not want to give that up, you can still get the best of both. Have the experts put an epoxy coating over your hardwood floors and protect them so they last longer and stay looking great for years to come.

Another place in residential homes where it makes sense to use epoxy flooring is the garage and in people’s workshop spaces. Often garage floors are made from concrete, a coating over that applied by the homeowner or an expert is inexpensive and perfect for protecting the floor. Talk to a professional about what the options are for homes and how you can benefit.

Does not have to be just clear

A lot of people think that the epoxy floor preparation and coating Brisbane experts handle are all clear but it does not have to be the case. While that is one advantage so you can see the flooring beath the coating and enjoy it, you can choose to have pigments mixed into the epoxy to create a more solid coating. It is great whether for homes or business applications. As mentioned particles can be mixed in and that can be for aesethic reasons not just to make the surface non-slip. There are a lot of options and looks that can be achieved!

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