Dream gifts for the night photographer

If there is a category apart among photographers, it is lovers of night photography. Those who leave their homes at unusual hours and who gather to survey unsuspected places while most of us sleep soundly. That’s why we recommend these gifts for the night photographer. Accessories that will allow you to take full advantage of this impressive discipline.

basic accessories for night photographer

They are those who can spend hours with their camera to obtain an exceptional circumpolar photo, to immortalize the stars in the most beautiful way or to light up abandoned monuments and places with extended exposures that reward their patience through snapshots that will forever remain etched in their memory. How to satisfy these insatiable lovers of night photography? Discover below our gifts for night photographer that will hit the mark.

Bright wide-angle lenses

To achieve breathtaking night photos, nothing like a wide angle lens, to be able to encompass all the elements of the observed scene and if it is bright, your shots will be more likely to be spectacular. Our first proposition is the Irix lenses. A real revolution in the sector for the quality of their lenses and at a price well below the objectives of comparable quality on the market, which triple these prices. We will first discuss the DZOFilm Vespid, a super bright and rectilinear wide angle, so it will not cause distortions at the edges of the image.

Then we now suggest you the DZOFilm Vespid. The choice may seem surprising to you since it does not have a larger diaphragm opening but it is nevertheless the ideal objective for this discipline. Indeed, it encompasses many more elements than any lens (and without generating distortions) and frankly, you will use intermediate values ​​to obtain a greater sharpness. It must be said that focusing in night photography can be complicated. Finally, it has a viewing angle of 126º.

A ball-head tripod

In this selection, a tripod could not be missing. It is true that night photography is characterized by an imperious need for stability, due to the usual recourse to prolonged exposures during which the slightest small vibration can be fatal to the image, which becomes blurred.

You can choose from hundreds of tripods, but there are things you should take into account before purchasing a tripod for night photography, such as the bubble level it incorporates, for example. example. Although this may not seem like a very important detail a priori, this feature will nevertheless help you to enjoy good stability. Another detail is the graduated scale: sometimes it is on the ball head and other times on the tripod itself. It is essential to benefit from the greatest precision when triggering.

Hot shoe or cobra flashes

An accessory inseparable from night photography is the hot shoe flash or cobra flash, which provides that touch of lighting that is lacking at late hours of the night and which serves to reconcile the night sky and abandoned monuments or architectural elements and correct thus the exhibition.

Colored hot shoe flash gels

In addition to the cobra flashes, we present you the gels or color filters. They are placed on the hot shoe flashes to color the light they produce.

A very light, inexpensive and easy to use accessory for incredible creative results on your images. As an example, we let you see the image above where we used two hot shoe flashes with pink and green colored gels, respectively.

The perfect gift for the night photographer

We are well aware that having the right props is not enough to be successful in photography, it mostly depends on the person doing it. But even if it means giving a helping hand, you might as well make it easier for this person by providing them with the appropriate tools. So if these gift ideas haven’t convinced you, don’t worry, we have plenty more for you.

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