Divorce comes with volatile feelings and a lot of stress. That is why you need experienced and compassionate divorce lawyers Perth to support and advise you in your time of need. One important step in the overall divorce process, is mediation. It is now compulsory in several states, except in certain situations including a history of spousal abuse. Even when both parties are amicable about the end of a marriage,  disputes over children, property and debt can stir up animosity and make it hard to pave the way forward. Divorce mediation is a great way to better navigate disagreements, while saving time and money.

Neutral parties – divorce mediators

A divorce mediator is a completely neutral party. They do not take sides and do not pre-judge. They are trained to help separate parties reach agreements as part of the divorce process. If you can come to an agreement, legal documentation can be drawn up in order to finalise your matters. When you go through family law mediation your lawyers are present so they can offer legal advice and talk to their clients as needed. With a mediator, discussions can stay on track, whether a single or multiple meetings take place. With their specialised training, a mediator can help to reduce tension, so that talks are productive and less emotional.

Decrease misunderstandings

Whether you are going through an uncontested divorce or a situation that is more complex, a mediator can help reduce misunderstandings that would have otherwise happened due to poor communication or volatile emotions. From asset division, child support, alimony and other important concerns, the mediation process is a solutions based approach that promotes compromise from both sides to reach fair and just outcomes for both parties. It also helps to ensure that your children’s best interests are held paramount.

Learn about healthy communication

Along with your divorce lawyers Perth, a mediator can ensure better communication with your former partner. This is especially important when children are involved, so that divorced parents can work together in the best interests of their kids.

It works best when both parties are willing

Mediation can achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Furthermore, it takes less time to get results and it will cost you less money. But you have to be willing and genuine in your contributions. Mediation also works best when both parties are willing to negotiate. Family law mediation can resolve conflict, improve communication, and help parties prioritise what is important. If there is too much spite and anger, resulting in mediation to fail, then the divorce proceedings will head to court.

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