9 Destinations for Setting Up Camp With Your Friends!!!

When it comes to finding happiness, the most crucial factor is picking the appropriate mate. Similarly, in life, infinite pleasure and continuous laughter are only possible when you have the best companions by your side. When you decide to spend some quality time with your friends, the joy and happiness are multiplied, and what could be better than travelling on a trip to an awe-inspiring distant location with your best friends? You can also surprise your best friend by ordering gifts for boys online and making them feel loved. So, pack your rucksacks and embark on a journey with your best friend to create lifelong memories.

Before you go, have a look at some of the most beautiful sites in India to visit with your best friend:

Dharamshala’s Triund Trek:

Triund Hill, in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, is one such site where you can have the most beautiful adventure. Reaching Triund Hill is a significant accomplishment. How? The top of Triund hill is reached after a four-hour trek via Oak pathways covering about seven kilometres. However, as you reach the summit, you can’t take your gaze away from the strange beauty that surrounds you. The best part is that you may pitch up camp there with your best friend and have the time of your life.

Himachal Pradesh’s Bir Billing:

Bir billing is one of the most romantic destinations in India to visit with your best friend. Bir, a peaceful village encircled by the Holy Himalayas, is India’s paragliding capital. If you’re looking for some exciting vacation ideas to do with your closest buddy, why not try paragliding? Bir billing, which is known worldwide for hosting the first-ever world cup of paragliding, will astound you with its beautiful beauty and warm friendliness.

Spiti Valley, Himalayan:

The Spiti Valley is one of the most intriguing and unknown destinations to visit with friends. Spiti’s mountains will undoubtedly become a second home for you and your best friend. Spiti Valley will enchant you with its charm and splendour, from the highest motorable settlement in Asia to the oldest monastery amidst the hills, which dates back to 1996 AD. The valley is home to various tranquil lakes, monasteries, and other destinations where you and your friend can have the time of your lives. What’s more, guess what? You can even spend the night in a camp stargazing and get a sight of the Milky Way.

Trip to Ladakh by Bike:

You can never get enough of this eye-catching surreal location if you decide to explore the ‘country of high passes.’ The only option left to you will be to surrender to this beautiful location. A bike provides excitement while travelling to Ladakh. Yes, a bike journey to Ladakh with your best friend is the ultimate adventure. Several well-known travel organisations organise several bike rides to Ladakh at discounted rates and holiday packages every year.


Because the club isn’t the best place to meet new people, you should travel to Goa. Yes, Goa is one of the top vacation places for single ladies and males. When you bring your best friend along to do some crazy things on the peaceful beaches of Goa, the joy and thrill are multiplied. You can also rent a scooter or a bike and explore Goa’s splendour with your closest friends or go on an adventure such as parasailing or surfing. A surprise online gift delivery would help you win your friend’s heart furthermore!


You may have seen this one of the best holiday places in the popular film ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani,’ and you may have also heard about friends’ stories about their experiences in Manali. Right? So, why not book a flight to Manali with your best friend and go sightseeing? This place will provide you and your best friend with lifelong memories from gorgeous rivers to snow-capped mountains. To top it off, Manali serves the most excellent Maggi, which is very delectable.

Valley of Dzükou:

Dzeko Valley is a lesser-known location in North-East India’s hidden beauty. Nagaland is genuinely a work of art, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in North East India. Its forest heals wounds, its air purifies the soul, and its rocky outcroppings pave the path to this lovely valley. It’s incredible to wake up at 5 a.m. and see the sunrise with your best friend. Adding a few sips of tea to your experience will make it much better.

The Trek to Chadar, the Frozen River:

The Chadar Riverwalk is regarded as the world’s most dangerous expedition. This trek is unique in that it takes place on a frozen river in Ladakh known as the Zanskar. Despite its difficulty, this excursion is highly thrilling to experience with your best buddy once in a lifetime in the winters. This walk will take you through some breathtaking scenery and wildlife. If you happen to be a photo junkie, this venue will never let you down.

Meghalaya’s capital is Shillong:

This hill station, also known as the ‘Scotland of the East and ‘The Abode Of Clouds,’ is located in the beautiful North-Eastern state of Meghalaya. Truly a hidden gem where you may make endless memories with your best pals! Mountains, waterfalls, and hill residents make this a delight to return to again and time again. 

These were some of the top spots to visit in India with your loved ones and write some fantastic chapters in your excellent book. So please hurry up and reserve your seat because it’s time to make some unforgettable memories with your best friend.

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