Cyber-attack Mitigation and Ransomware Recovery Action Plan 

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Although we all have been hearing the news of ransomware attacks for a long time, yet the frequency and the intensity of these attacks have skyrocketed since the outburst of the COVID-19. The main reason behind this uprise can be the unprepared change of working from offices to remote working. The new trend of working from home created many vulnerabilities that cybercriminals started targeting. And as a result, almost every industry, irrespective of its size, had to face some level of a ransomware attack. So, even if you have not fallen under any attack of this sort, you must devise a cyber-attack protection and ransomware recovery strategy.  

Furthermore, making matter worse, the methods of cyberpunks are getting more and more sophisticated. There can be many reasons for this transformation but the major one is the easy access to learning sources like YouTube. Also, the ransomware operators have become bolder because they now demand the ransom amount in digital currency which is nearly impossible to trace. The problems and their kinds related to cyber security can be many but the solution is one; install the most advanced security to your systems. You can’t do this on your own, so hire the services of cyber security solutions and they will do the job. Continue reading to learn more on this topic! 

Tips to Follow for Cyber-attack Protection and Ransomware Recovery: 

The following are the tips you can follow to create advanced security around your systems and a fully workable recovery plan, 

Devise a Plan: 

It is not the right time to figure out how you would respond to such an incident when you are under attack. For having good cyber security, figure out in advance who to contact for help, how to reach them quickly, and what to do by yourself. Also, your planning must include how you can get early information about the attack. You should also enlist which cyber security solutions can handle the cyber protection of your type of industry. All things planned in advance will help you in the misfortunate of times. 

Keep Backups of Your Data: 

The salvation of your data depends on your ability to restore from a backup. To protect yourself from various types of malware, including ransomware, you need to have a good backup strategy. This is because recovering your files from backups (after a ransomware attack) is the quickest way to return to normal. Hence, you must keep backups of your sensitive data and also secure this backup. And for security, you can either keep your backups offline or offsite because all connected backups can come under attack.   

Use Antivirus Software and Firewalls: 

Although much has been written of late about the growing obsolescence of antiviruses, yet they are the vanguards of your cybersecurity system. People claim for the hoariness of antivirus because these products are signature-based, and active malware signatures change rapidly. The fallacy of this argument is that there are hundreds still making the rounds that have older signatures, and can thus be blocked. Furthermore, these antivirus applications are updated every now and then to stop the new kinds of viruses.   

Keep Your Systems and Software Applications Updated:  

Ransomware, like many malware programs, makes use of vulnerabilities that are present in windows and software applications. Therefore, you must faithfully ensure that updates get applied to all your systems and applications. Doing so will close the doors of vulnerabilities through ransomware operators could have entered. Furthermore, don’t forget updates of your antivirus applications, because this can also help prevent attacks. 

Restrict Mapped Drives: 

Making sure that server drives are only mapped to the users where they are actually needed is a good practice against ransomware attacks. You must use read-only folders where possible to restrict the users. This is very useful because if an infected PC cannot access the server drive, it cannot infect it. All in all, this practice decreases the vulnerabilities from where cybercriminals can launch their attacks.  

Know who Uses Your PCs: 

Another good way to reduce the chances of a ransomware attack is restricting the use of each PC to only authorized people. In an office environment, keep all your systems locked down, so that maintenance personnel or other passers-by cannot use them for a quick Web search. And at home, avoid letting your kids or other individuals use any PC with work-related data. If you follow all the aforementioned tips of cyber protection and ransomware recovery, you can save your organization to a certain extent. But for invincible security, you need the services of some reputable data protection company.

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