Custom Shirt Printing For Promoting Your Business

If you are looking for effective and affordable ways to promote your business you might want to look into how cotton tshirt printing can help. The usual mugs and pens really can only go so far. The person has them at home and uses them until the pen runs out or breaks and the mug breaks too. Only they are reminded of the business the items came from. On the other hand, when you print onto t-shirts you are sharing your message and brand with more than just the person that wears it. Anyone who sees them out and about will be reminded of who you are. You get a lot more marketing out of a custom t-shirt than those other things.

T-shirts are popular around the world

People all around the world love t-shirts. Adults, children, casual, smart, short sleeves, long sleeves they are versatile, comfortable and people have beloved shirts they hold onto for years! If you put your logo, message, business name and image on some t-shirts and then lots of people wear them all around, you have a walking advertisement for your business, event or organization.

Custom shirt printing is a great way to get some attention and have that continue on for months or even years if they keep the shirt and keep wearing it. Imagine them walking through a supermarket, through a shopping center, through a fair or amusement park, or walking on a crowded beach. That is a lot of attention it good garner and some of those people will remember your name, logo or branding when they come to need the services or goods you offer.

Great as giveaway material

Cotton tshirt printing makes a great item to giveaway to people. Head to events and conferences and give away t-shirts to people passing the booth. Give away shirts as rewards for loyalty, or as part of competitions online. People love to have something for free especially if it is an attractive and good quality shirt they will want to wear. You could put a QR code on your giveaways so they can scan them and head to your website. They could be a part of a very successful marketing campaign.

Sponsor local events

There are always events going on locally. Charity runs, sporting events, community get-togethers. You could sponsor an event or a team, give away shirts for them to wear as they do their thing. They will advertise for you as they run, or play and you show yourself in a great light for helping to support local events. You could also have staff who attend events wear printed shirts as advertising for your business or an upcoming promotion.


With custom shirt printing, you could have lots of people wearing your shirts all year round and advertising your brand, services and products. All for quite an affordable investment with a reputable printer. Order the shirts in bulk and you can get even more savings.

Bio – PrinteeSG was previously known as Tough Men Apparels. The company started off as a shirt printing company. The owners left their corporate lifestyle to pursue their dream of having affordable and quality sportswear available to the mass public. Starting out in 2014 as a home based business, PrinteeSG has expanded rapidly within the past years to become a leading company in terms of customised sportswear and affordable tshirt printing in Singapore.

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