Creating an easy routine for Pilates after pregnancy

Looking for something fun, effective and manageable to get your post-pregnancy body back into shape? You should take a closer look at what post natal Pilates Herne Hill classes can offer you! Help ease and prevent back pain and other aches you are experiencing while pregnant, help with the delivery itself, and then after having the baby help feel better mentally and emotionally, focus for a short time on yourself and your health, and when your doctor gives you the okay, slowly get back to highly beneficial regular exercise.

Managing exercises post-baby is not easy

When you have had the baby you should give your body time to recover. That is something to talk about with your doctor. But when it is time you choose Pilates as a great way to recover and set aside time for yourself on a regular basis. Sometimes with the lack of sleep, and managing the new baby, and everything else that is happening it is hard to set aside time for something like this but it is important to do so. Pilates Brixton can put you in a better space as a mother, taking care of yourself is a way to take care of the baby, and from a very young age, you are teaching them that self-care is important and that regular exercise is important.

If you cannot yet manage to head to longer classes, or you can only manage one a week and you want to do something more, you can do something at home for 10 to 20 minutes a day! Doing regular sessions even if they are shorter is the best way to get the benefits from Pilates.

Tips on creating a routine you can manage

  1. There is no time that is not suitable – It might seem a bit out there, but unless you live in a flat with neighbours who might get annoyed you can do your 10 to 20 minutes any time, day or night. Maybe the baby was fussy its 4 am and you can’t get back to sleep, spend a short time doing some exercise. You can adapt some exercises you learn from Pilates Herne Hill trainer that are safe to do at home.
  2. Use visualization to get yourself motivated – Sometimes we have moments where we realise after the fact that we could have gotten more done and we didn’t. After the older children have left for school and when the baby is playing in her pen, take a moment to imagine yourself doing 10 minutes of exercise. Often that gets you motivated to follow through.
  3. Notice the positive changes your efforts are achieving – We do not just mean the physical benefits though notice those too. A flatter stomach, fewer aches and pain, reduced discomfort from breastfeeding, feeling in a better mood, having more energy, being less emotionally up and down, sleeping better.
  4. Use a calendar and track your good days – Mark on a calendar the days you manage to do something and try to increase how routine and often those marks happen. It might be slow progress and Pilates Brixton might come later but turning it into part of your routine helps.

Bio – Piccolo Pilates brings Pilates classes designed by Georgie Morrow to the Brixton, Herne Hill and Tulse Hill area in South London. Designed to build your strength, enhance your movement and connect you to your body. Currently focusing on pre and post natal classes but more classes coming soon. Pregnancy evening class run at The Effra space in Brixton on a Monday night. Mum and Baby Pilates run at The Yellow Qube in Tulse Hill on Wednesday Mornings. Post Natal Pilates run at The Carnegie Library in Herne Hill on Tuesday evenings.

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