Cool Features a Home Builder can add to Your new Home

When you decide to hire a new home builder in Long Beach Island to build your new home instead of buying one already built, you can have it built as you want it.  There are some cool features that you can include in your plans for the home builder to incorporate into the home as he is building it.  Building your home allows you to put in some unique, cool features that you would not be able to do with a home that was previously owned or built to the contractor’s plans.

Some of these features that a new home builder in LBI can include are:

  • Higher ceilings—this is one way of giving the appearance of the space in the room being bigger than it is. There is a difference in the look and feel between an eight-foot and six-foot ceiling. 
  • Customized shelving—this is one way to put your stamp on your new home. You can use customized shelves to make it a focal point in the room such as in a bookshelf or multi-media cabinet.  You can even build them to put in spaces where you may need extra storage space.
  • Deep pour basement—when building a home with a basement, it generally is a standard basement but when customizing your new home, you can pour it deeper and have higher basement ceilings. This helps if you have tall people in your family or friends who are tall.  With most standard ceilings, if you are six feet or taller you might be able to touch the ceiling or even have to be careful you don’t hit your head.  When you have a basement with higher ceilings, it will make the area feel more open.
  • Laundry room upstairs—many times when a new home builder in Long Beach Island builds standard homes, the laundry room is generally in the basement. This can mean a lot of up and down the stairs with heavy laundry.  When it is upstairs in its own room, it makes it easier to do the laundry.  You can just start a load and go on doing what you need to do without running up and down the stairs.  It makes it better, especially if you have issues going up and down the stairs.
  • Mudroom—when you walk into your entryway or get out of the car in the garage, you want somewhere to leave your shoes and hang up your coat when you come in from outside. If your family’s shoes are muddy, they would have somewhere to leave them before they tracked mud into the house.
  • Smart devices—this can include smart heating and cooling systems that can help with your energy usage and thermostats that are self-programable.


These are just some of the many unique things that you can have your new home builder in LBI can incorporate into your new home.  Some other things can include a heated driveway, heated floors, and so much more.  It will be a home that you designed yourself.

Bio – Since 1977, BACORP Building Group, Inc has created outstanding custom commercial buildings and residential dream homes thanks to our 85 years of combined experience.  For residential properties, each design is presented in floor plans, interior and exterior perspective views, which will even include a “virtual walk thru” utilizing our architectural software and a big screen television. An invaluable education as well as, being a “lot of fun” as described by our prior clients.  BACORP also does commercial building.  BACORP Building Group, Inc and its principals have conceptualized, designed, and built over $270 million dollars in residential, commercial, and industrial ratables over the past 30 years in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.  In all our work, we are a design and build team whose objective is to work with serious clients to extract specific information regarding their criteria such as lifestyle and overall project needs to provide the client with one or more energy-efficient design solutions which work within their budget.

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By Cary Grant

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