Commercial Cleaning Companies—What to Expect

Commercial cleaning companies Gold Coast is a service that will disinfect and clean your office space.  They will follow the correct protocols using products that are EPA approved.  They also have all the latest cleaning equipment, like disinfecting, electrostatic sprayers.  They are a company that may cover all cleaning sectors such as medical facilities, offices, retail, and more or just specialize in one type of cleaning service.

When you hire the services of commercial cleaning Gold Coast, some of the things they might clean can include:

  • Emptying trash cans
  • Cleaning hardwood floors
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Disinfecting bathrooms, washbasins, toilets
  • Cleaning and dusting fixtures and furniture
  • Replenishing bathroom supplies
  • Wiping off computer monitors
  • Disinfecting phones

When choosing a commercial cleaning company, there are some things you should look for to help you choose the best company.

  • Location—it is not uncommon to choose a commercial cleaning service that is known nationwide, but it helps if they also have a local office near your workplace. You want someone that is familiar with your area and does not have to travel a far distance.
  • Specialty—make sure before you hire a commercial cleaning service that they have experience in cleaning your type of business. This will make sure that they do the job properly without needing a lot of guidance from you.
  • Reputation—before hiring any commercial cleaning companies Gold Coast, check with other business acquaintances and friends to see if they have used the companies’ services. Make sure when you talk to the company that you ask questions.  Pay attention as to how your calls are received and whether they sound like a company that will value their employees.  Do they answer your questions in detail?
  • Cost—what the cost is to hire a commercial cleaning company will depend on a variety of things, such as how often do you need their services to clean your workplace. It also depends on the size of your company and any extra services you might require.  Get a detailed quote that covers everything you want to be done.  Check with several companies before making the final decision.

After hiring a commercial cleaning Gold Coast company, periodically check their work.  You have paid to have a clean, spotless work environment.  If they are not doing what you contracted them for, talk to the company to find out what is going on. 

When you hire a company, they should be using high-quality professional equipment as this is essential when cleaning a commercial building.  With a large office park, the service will need more than just a mop and bucket.  Also, make sure that there are enough cleaners to do the job correctly.

Conclusion – You have contracted a commercial cleaning service and you should be getting what is outlined in your contract.  There should be easy communication between your company and the cleaning services.  This should include quarterly business meetings, and reports after the job is done.  Also, before hiring make sure that you check their references.  They should also be bonded and insured.

Bio – We are a small cleaning company operating around the Gold Coast and surrounding nearby areas. We’re glad to offer our own independant nighttime cleaning services to the Gold Coast community and take pride in offering our office cleaning Gold Coast services for many of your commercial premises weather it be high-rise offices, medical centres, or massive childcare centres. When you hire us as cleaners for your commercial premises, you’ll be working with an independant cleaning service that doesn’t leave even the smallest portions of your spaces unclean. We’ll dispose the rubbish, disinfect all surfaces, wipe those marked windows turning them into spotless glass, along with mopping and vacuuming the floors effectively.
We started over ten years ago as sub-contracting cleaners, cleaning inside a whole heap of different premises such as small offices, large medical centres, massive hospitals, childcare centres, and much more. During those ten years we have become proficient and drilled with experience in cleaning. Now we’re offering our cleaning experience independently to the Gold Coast, and are searching for contracting or sub-contracting cleaning jobs for which we can establish a long-term relationship with the client or contractor being you.

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