Choosing Certified Green Home Builders

More and more construction sites and home builders are offering greener and more sustainable building options and developing more energy-efficient homes. The idea of greener buildings is not an especially new one, but with recent developments in technologies, things can be pushed to a harder degree more than ever. From a certified green builder to a certified passive house builder, there are different options depending on what your focus is, so be sure to explore your options and make sure the builder is not just using the buzz words. They should have certification and proven experience in such house building.

What is a green home builder?

There is a collection of things you can expect from a builder who embraces a greener way of doing things. They focus on the design of the house, building methods, materials, the impact on the environment and energy efficiency. Here is a closer look.

  1. Using recycled materials and repurposing – While it varies from one project to another certified green home builders will do various things to recycle and repurpose. Use materials from previous building projects, save materials from the previous structure, look for materials they can repurpose in other places.
  2. Using sustainable alternative materials – There are places where more sustainable materials like bamboo can be used, or a green builder might focus on using local stone and local materials where possible to minimise the impact of transporting materials from far away.
  3. Using new technology and innovative systems – There are very modern systems for heating and cooling that save energy and there are greener options when it comes to lighting.
  4. Making sure the home is insulated – A home that has excellent insulation will lose less energy in the efforts to heat or cool it depending on the season.
  5. Choosing high-performance windows and doors – They are also good for energy efficiency.

What are the benefits of having a passive or green home?

  • A certified passive house builder constructs a home that is more energy-efficient and stays that way for many years to come. This saves money as well being better on the environment.
  • Sometimes a build might include incorporating the use of renewable energy in the form of solar, water or wind technology.
  • A green home is better for the local environment and easier to look after.
  • You can feel better about yourself and the home you are creating for your use and down the line for whoever buys it next.
  • You save money in the long run. While in the immediate build you pay more that is really an investment into long-term savings. You will get the investment back and then some!


With more people rightly worrying about depleting resources and the growing environmental issues we are facing it makes sense to do all we can to be greener in our everyday lives. Choosing excellent certified green home builders is just one thing you can do. With more of us making the move to green you be kinder to the planet and enjoy the savings.

Bio – We‘re a small domestic building business with more than ten years’ experience in residential construction. We specialise in passive house building, energy efficient building, high performance building and green building. What sets our company apart, and the reason our clients choose us to renovate or extend their home, is that we do one house at a time, from start to completion.

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By Cary Grant

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