Choosing Blinds for Your Home

There is a lot more to think about than you might realise when it comes time to change the window treatments you are using, and are considering roller blinds or Venetian blinds as one of your preferred options. They have some attractive features including offering you a good amount of privacy, some control over light, protection for your furnishings and being super convenient and attractive.

Benefits of blinds

Whether you choose roller or Venetian blinds you can benefit from things like eliminating the glare on the TV, letting light in when you want it or having privacy when you want it. The blind when closed stops the sun from fading your furniture and furnishings, and certain types of blinds can help muffle sound and insulate the room more effectively. One of the really nice things about blinds over drapes say, is that they are a lot easier to put up and clean. You can stare out and enjoy a great view, or hide away from the world and only have to wipe them down and dust them now and then.

Different systems

Roller and Venetian blinds operate in a few different types of systems, using chain, cord loop clutch system and spring. The chain is a manual operation and the spring is mechanical. When you manually close blinds you have more control and can close them or open them more precisely to your needs. On the other hand, while you might not have as much precision with an automated blind you do not have to get out of the chair when the glare on the TV becomes a problem!

Different features and styles

Both Venetian and roller blinds have different features to look for as well as coming in a range of patterns, colour combinations, materials and details. An envelope-style blind is one that folds at the bottom and that is a different look to what you normally see in blinds. You might also look at castellated blinds where the bottom edge of the blind is made to look like the tesselation of a castle. There is also the eyelet style and any type can be made suitable for any room of the house, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and offices.

Breaking it down

When you are buying blinds you need to consider

  1. Privacy and light – do you want a light and airy room or something cozier, how much control do you want over the brightness and privacy in the room?
  2. Cleaning and care – how much effort do you want to put into cleaning them, what colours are you getting and will they show up hand prints and dust more?
  3. How much can you spend – to keep the budget down consider doing one room at a time. Remember the larger windows will cost more, as will needing customised looks or sizes.
  4. Keep your children and pets safe – make sure there are not chords and chains hanging where something bad could happen.

Your style preference – chic or comfortable, formal or casual, bold or subtle?

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By Cary Grant

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