Choosing A New Baby Gift

When a baby enters the world everyone around them wants to celebrate and often that includes getting them a gift and giving something to their parents and siblings sometimes too! Here are some great gift ideas to get you started. Looking online nowadays is a great way to browse for the perfect baby gift from makers such as Kiin baby, you get good quality items for decent prices, with delivery too all conveniently bought from the comfort of home!

Gift baskets

Gift baskets are a great gift, and they remain popular for good reason. You can find them in all price ranges so you can find something within your budget and you can stick to practical needs, nappies, clothes, wipes, or you can add something to them. Have a mix of stuffed toys, books, teething rings and such along with a nice blanket, personalised bibs, onesies and so on.

Gender-neutral designs

There are a lot of places that offer very gender stereotypical approaches to gifts in colours and in gifts. Pink blankets for girls, blue for boys, dolls for girls, cars for boys, but as more parents demand it, thankfully more brands are considering more gender-neutral options. When you choose products from Kiin baby you can enjoy gender-neutral styles and designs inspired by the earth that make a great gift whatever gender the baby is born as.


This might seem like an odd one but in this country, it is essential you remember not just your own sunscreen but some for the baby too. A lot of gift baskets might even come with the option of sunscreen. A reason to send it separately though is you can choose your own preferred brand and we highly recommend we are feel good inc. An Australian-made sunscreen made to last and suit Australian life and weather, without any stickiness after application and without a bunch of additives other options have. In fact, with things like aloe vera and vitamin e in it, it is good for their skill as well as protecting it.

Children’s books

Children’s books are a great gift because they last and some even become treasured keepsakes. Get a collection of age-appropriate books, something the parents can read to them, some tactile books to introduce them to the world of ‘reading’ you can’t go wrong. You might even choose to get a personalised children’s book for them, where they are a part of the story!


When it comes to choosing a new baby gift it is important to think about what the parents are focused on, what is important to them. Do they want to focus on Australian-made products like we are feel good inc or Kiin baby? How important is heritage to them? Do they mind a lot of plastic or should you focus on wooden toys? You might also think about something for the parents too, a gift card to a favourite restaurant and a promise of babysitting is likely to be appreciated!

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