Chiropractic Adjustments Benefits and More

Going to a chiropractor in Point Pleasant for an adjustment has many benefits.  When you have an adjustment, the chiropractor will use leverage, force, amplitude, direction, and velocity that is directed at specific joints.  This is the central part of their treatment.  Generally, the adjustment is to the spine.  The adjustment will help to improve the function of your joints.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Helps to improve joint mobility, health, and function
  • Decreases the degeneration of your joints and connective tissue for those that have arthritis
  • Can help loosen up tight muscles and improve their contractibility or strength
  • Speed up the recovery process if in an accident, broke a leg, had surgery, etc.
  • Decreases the on-gone inflammatory process that is often associated with subluxation
  • Improves circulation
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Improves the nervous system function and gives your nerves the ability to carry nerve impulses efficiently.
  • Improves your different organ systems individually, such as your digestive, heart, lung, etc.
  • Energizes a depressed mind
  • Calms a hyperactive mine
  • Can help to relieve/improve prenatal discomfort
  • Decreases the associated back pain associated with pregnancy and helps to decrease the length of labor
  • For any sport, it can improve the athlete’s performance
  • Decrease the adverse effects of stress
  • Can improve your sleep, increase your vitality and energy
  • Decreases pain

When a patient visits a chiropractor in Brick for a back adjustment, there are many ways in which he can do so.  They will generally adjust your back by applying a controlled, precise amount of force to certain spinal segments in your back.  The two techniques that a chiropractor might use for these adjustments are:

  • General adjustments—this technique includes the processes that are presumed to have wider sectional contacts. They are usually more effective in mobilizing more than one joint at a time.
  • Specific adjustments—this is the technique that the chiropractor in Point Pleasant will use to apply force to one joint at a time. It includes short leverage exchanges and works with the joint

One of the techniques that a chiropractor uses most often is the direct thrust, which is also referred to as low amplitude, high-velocity adjustment.  This is one of the oldest techniques that chiropractors have always used.  It is also the most popular one.  When using this adjustment, the chiropractor will use the restrictive barrier.  This is when they will pull instead of push against your body structures.

The chiropractor in Brick can use this adjustment for popping your back, spinal realignment, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and helping to improve your range of motion.

Another technique that can be used to decrease the pain in your spine, re-align your spinal segments, and increase your range of motion is the spinal mobilization technique.  When they use this adjustment technique, they want to give the patient a therapeutic effect, especially better range of motion


As you can see from this article, there are many benefits to visiting your local chiropractor to have an adjustment procedure.  It can help with range of motion, relief from pain, and more.

These are just some of the many conditions that a chiropractor Brick NJ can help you with.  They can also help you with flexibility with spinal manipulations and adjustments to help realign joints and bones to help improve range of motion.  If you are having any of these issues, visit your chiropractor to see if a spinal adjustment would help.

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This article is not intended for diagnostic purposes.

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