Capital Smart City – location, Master plan, NOCS

Capital Smart City – location, Master plan, NOCS

Capital Smart City is indeed a highly suggested society for Islamabad investments. The Capital Smart City seems to be an incredible project created by two of Singapore’s most experienced developers, Surbana Jurong and the well-known Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd. Society is often regarded as the City’s most astute strategy.

The Capital Smart City very ideal position obviously provides an investor with a twofold profit on a single project, the explanation being the society’s proximity to Rawalpindi as well as Islamabad. Not to mention that the location in which the Capital Smart City is also incredibly quiet and tranquil because it is removed from the noise and bustle of the rest of the city.

This initiative ensures the integrity of Capital Smart City’s developers and designers. Along with this, the Capital Smart City’s investors are promised a large profit return. As previously stated, the CSC’s designer is from Singapore and incredibly skilled, so the infrastructure is elegant and convenient.

First Smartest City of Pakistan

One of the advantages to engaging in a capital smart city is that it has an excellent master plan and contemporary infrastructure, as well as a comfortable and convenient lifestyle, making it the smartest capital city of all. The design is constructed in such a way that so many necessary amenities are readily accessible to the inhabitants to provide a complete living with luxury. The resources are exploited to their full potential, and smart technologies are deployed to increase efficacy.


The Rawalpindi region is home to the Capital Smart City. its perfect location provides direct access to Islamabad. The new International Airport of Islamabad is close to the CSC. You can reach CSC in less than ten minutes of driving by car from the airport. Its actual location can be seen on the map near M-2. the address of this city is approximately 9.2 kilometers of distance from the Thalian intersection, which is close to the Toll Plaza of M2.


RDA has officially authorized Capital Smart City NOC. CSC would provide sustainable and environment-friendly Smart living and will be the region’s best living destination. Smart City NOC is ranked 45th on the RDA NOC authorized list of housing societies. It is one of the area’s legal lodging developments. The community’s earlier NOC has been amended due to new land purchases. For the construction of this region, Capital Smart City has acquired an expanded and updated NOC of 17,602 Kanal, as well as preliminary planning authorization with a maximum of 25,000 Kanal NOC certified land from RDA, it has become Pakistan’s biggest NOC Certified Smart Housing Project.


The master plan of Capital smart city was built by Surbana Jurong, a specialized Singapore business. It has split the complete area of 55,000 Kanal into residential and commercial zones with extra deliberation. The gorgeous Crystal Lake and the cultural town were chosen as the location for the foreign block. Currently, the first phase of development is now underway, covering a total area of 25000 Kanal. With time, more elements of society are expected to be included.

New master plan

In the new master plan, the Interchange’s site has been altered. in a new plan, the current location of the interchange is shifted to the M2 motorway which is in close contact with NUTECH University.  Another alteration is the relocation of Executive Block no. 2 to a new site. This block is now placed next to Executive Block.  The Health Care District’s location has also been altered to be near NUTECH University. This plan is very much in favor of Overseas 2, which is now known as Overseas Central. Previously, it was located near Overseas 1. However, its new site is near the University District. The reason for the relocation is a lack of growth and a desire to give buyers a superior model. Furthermore, the relocation of the interchange will benefit Overseas Central purchasers and landholders, significantly and purchase of this block is now available Executive Block no. 1 is in the same place as Executive Block 2; whereas Executive Block no. 2 is next to block 1. there are higher chances that this block will have further development and changes in near future. The sports District’s position has changed due to the construction of a new commercial property on its old site. The Harmony Park Block was near the Overseas Prime Block, however, there was no construction. remaining plots of the capital smart city have been relocated towards Silver Valley.

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