Cannabis Flowers or Concentrates with Weed Delivery in Brantford?

Cannabis can get you high, and recreational weed users love weed for the same reason. You can consume weed in a variety of ways, like smoking, vaping, eating, etc. However, many recreational weed users enjoy smoking cannabis strains and concentrates. The question is: Should you choose cannabis flowers, or cannabis concentrates on getting cannabis high? We shall discuss various ways with you in this post for enjoying cannabis concentrates and flowers you may get through weed delivery in Brantford.   

Ways to Smoke Cannabis Flowers

You can enjoy cannabis flowers, including Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, in a multitude of ways to get that desirable cannabis high.  Now, let us discuss with you the different ways to smoke cannabis flowers:

Water Pipes:

Smoking cannabis with water pipes won’t give you a harsh hit. Nevertheless, smoking weed through water pipes produce a strong cloud of smoke. Water pipes clean and cool the marijuana smoke to give smoother hits to weed users via a water filtration mechanism.  

Hand Pipes:

Hand pipes are also an option for weed users to smoke marijuana. They come in a range of colours, shapes, and materials. Moreover, you can’t consume a bunch of weed through hand pipes. Hence, you save a lot of time and weed if you use hand pipes for toking only.  

Classic Joint or Blunt:

You can also smoke weed through a joint or blunt. Smoking weed through a joint while sitting gives a great feeling. Plus, it looks cooler than vape pens as long as you know how to roll your joints. You should go with joints or blunts if you can’t afford to consume a large amount of weed.  

Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Concentrates

Like flowers, you can buy different weed concentrates, embracing shatter, oil, etc. Additionally, you should opt for vaping than smoking if you want to remain a little bit health-conscious. Now, let us discuss with you the different ways to smoke cannabis concentrates:


Vapes are ideal for smoking cannabis concentrates alongside some cannabis flowers. Furthermore, vaping is a discreet way to smoke marijuana. You can conveniently buy a vape pen and a vape cartridge from a weed dispensary to vape cannabis concentrates.

Dab Pens:

You may choose to invest in dab pens to consume your beloved cannabis concentrates via dabbing.

Dab Rigs:

Dag rigs are highly popular for dabbing cannabis concentrates. Besides, you should buy them from a reliable smoke shop in Brantford. Dabbing the cannabis concentrates will give you the pure THC high that marijuana flowers don’t give.

Furthermore, you should opt for cannabis edibles than flowers or concentrates if you don’t like smoking. Nevertheless, many studies depict marijuana smoke isn’t as harmful as cigarettes. If you choose to smoke cannabis flowers or concentrates, buy it from a reputable weed dispensary, like HowHigh420. In addition, opt for cannabis flowers than cannabis concentrates if you can’t afford to buy expensive weed


Cannabis gives weed users the desirable high. Besides, you can consume cannabis in different ways. Still, the usual choice of recreational weed users for cannabis is cannabis flowers or concentrates. You can smoke cannabis flowers or concentrates in distinct ways once you receive them via weed delivery in Brantford. Here are three common methods to smoke cannabis flowers:

  1. Water pipes to get smoother hits and enjoy your bud.
  2. Hand pipes that can save your time and a lot of weed.
  3. Joints or blunts that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Lastly, the common ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates are as follows:

  1. Vapes or vape pens
  2. Dab pens 
  3. Dab rigs
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