Can Concrete Be A Suitable Kitchen Countertop Material?

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? You must have thought of a few things that you want in it. But have you decided on having a benchtop? Well, that is most important as it is the centrepiece of your kitchen. Selecting the best design and material for your counter can be extremely challenging. You may want many qualities in it but at the same time realise that you cannot get them all in one. What shall you do in that case? Have you considered concrete? Concrete benchtops can be a combined package. They are both durable and dynamic – they can be moulded any way you want. With concrete, you can even create a bespoke kitchen benchtop.

Ø  What benefits can you get with concrete kitchen benchtops?

Modern home designs choose concrete because it is malleable. Kitchen countertops are no different. Cast-in Concrete Design builds kitchen benchtops in Brisbane that are exclusive and incredible. Their services are reliable and can provide you with a kitchen top of your dreams. They can shape and structure the countertop the way you like. If you think that concrete would look dull, then you are wrong! They can modify it to add elements of interest and design to make it seamless with your home interiors. Does it make concrete a more flexible option? Wait! There is more to it!

o   Sustainability- Today, when the resources of Mother Earth are fast depleting, emphasis is made on eco-friendly sustainable materials in all walks of life, and building and architecture are no different. The cement in concrete is made by heating limestone, which is abundantly available. Concrete can also be made using slag cement, silica fume, fly ash – all these are waste and byproducts from steel factories and power plants and some other such manufacturing facilities. So, why not choose an eco-friendly option when available?

o   Designs- Do you know concrete can have different colours too? The overall pigment is achieved with a coloured powder mixed with wet concrete, penetrating the stain in depth. Naturally, the colour choices are limitless – you can easily find one that suits your décor scheme and colour choice. Acid dying is another method performed to cause permanent discolouration. You might think of them as stains, but they can create unique masterpieces on concrete tops!

o   Maintenance- Concrete countertops require mild soap and rags as a part of daily cleaning. The long-term use of concrete countertops depends upon the correct sealant. Permeable sealant penetrates in the concrete and is undetectable after drying. This sealant acts as a barrier between the concrete and any stain. But a limitation is that the sealing process has to be flawless; otherwise, it can leave stubborn stains or marks. Therefore, you need to seal your concrete countertops at regular intervals to prevent any cracks and crevices. Does it look like a hassle to you? Do not worry! It happens once in a blue moon!

o   The view- The durability of concrete is indisputable. But what about the aesthetics? It can be shaped anyhow you desire. The aesthetics, pigments, aggregates, and coatings can be easily selected. Interior designers and architects value concrete because it can combine with any element and complement any interior scheme. Are you worried about how it would look? The results are going to be amazing!

Concrete installation is not an easy task. Seek the help of professionals who can guide you to build a stunning benchtop for your kitchen. An important thing to keep in mind while making a concrete table is that small cracks might appear due to hardening and settlement, which needs to be fixed immediately. You shall be good to go with minor upkeep when you choose a concrete top.

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By Cary Grant

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