Can An Indestructible Fan Be Created?

Often times, when it comes to electronics and various industrial equipment, one of the first things it tends to go bad is the fan. Even in the case of outstanding ebm papst exhaust fan designs or ebm papst condenser fan motor, over enough time, they will eventually fail. Of course, fans like these are designed to last a long time, which is part of why they are of such outstanding quality. Between that and they’re excellent energy efficiency, they are pretty much the top-of-the-line for their particular niche.

But, why can’t they make fans a last for years, not needing to be replaced within any short period of time? Granted, profitability might come in question there, but maybe they could just charge outstanding amounts of money for a fan the last so long, right? Well, it just doesn’t work that way because of physics.

Let’s talk about how electric motors and, since is all a fan really is, how they work as well electric motors are powered by passing current through conductive wire, spun in a specific way. Surrounded by this wire is a set of polarized magnets, and when power is put through the wire, using magnetic fields cause this camshaft to spin.

The resistance that causes this motion is shed as he, which is why electric motors do get hot over time. That and the natural resistive level of the copper from which the wires are made also contributes to this. Heat is the worst enemy of an electric motor just as it is a circuit board or really any kind of machinery. This causes the wire and magnets become more molecularly malleable, which can, over time, mess with their ability to create the aligned electromagnetic fields that produce work out of the motor in the first place.

Debris and so forth can also cause this, and over enough time, even in a cold, clean environment, the conductive nature will still eventually shift, causing these motors to stop working. While it is possible to repair ebm papst condenser fan motor products and ebm papst exhaust fan products, it’s just not cost effective nor practical. So much of the internal components have to be replaced as to make it no longer the same motor anyhow, and you’ll of invested a lot of time and frustration when simply replacing them is a better option.

So, and indestructible, and mortal motor or fan can’t be built, but you can count on companies like this to strive to get as close to this immortality as possible.

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