Buying Quality Persian Floor Rugs

The making of a rug is a key part of what to look at when you are thinking about buying one or more. You are more likely to get a quality rug when you buy floor rugs online Australia if you look at or look for information on their construction. It gives you an idea of how long they will last, how easy they will be to keep clean and to wash and more. Here is a look at the general concepts of what goes into the making of different rugs.

The Persian rug construction process when hand-made

1) Handweaving or hand-knotting

When a craftsperson uses knots to tie off yarn around backing fibres that are woven this is called hand-knotting or handweaving. You can find such rugs online Australia as well as machine-made ones. After all the knots are tied they then sheer the rug to the height they are wanting to create so that the pile is uniform in length. You can have rugs made using a different quantity of knots per square inch. If you choose a rug with a higher number then that is worth more.

2) Hand-tufted rugs

When a rug is hand-tufted it means they have made the rug by hand using a special tool called a tufting gun. They use the gun to shoot the pile yarns through the scrim, the backing material. The pile created is a loop and you can then either leave the loop intact and that is called hand-hooked, or you can cut through the loops to create a more cut-pile appearance, this gives a hand-tufted rug. The rug then has another backing applied to secure all the yarn in and to give the rug more stability.

Materials used in the construction of Persian rugs

When talking about in general with any area rug there are a lot of materials that can be used in their construction. When you look at rugs online Australia for Persian or Oriental rugs you are looking at silk or wool.

1) Silk

You can get a rug that is all silk or you can get ones that are a combination of silk and wool. Silk is more durable than you might think but it does not have that suppleness or springiness that you might want from a rug. Also, silk will hold on to any creases or scuffs and more care needs to be taken. Silk makes very attractive rugs though and since they tend to be used to hang or as decoration rather than as practical rugs, the springiness might not be a problem.

2) Wool

Wool is very soft and makes a great material when you want to buy floor rugs online Australia. It has an outer part that is water repellent and it can stretch to 30% more than its size without damage. It can handle repeated compression too.


When looking at quality rugs there is a lot to consider and how the rug is crafted, the material it is made from and whether it is for use on the floor or as decoration will help you decide what to invest in.

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