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You may have noticed something in the wake of this pandemic over the past couple of years. But, while you notice it, you probably haven’t sat and really thought about what it means and the long-term ramifications. The need for isolation, quarantine and reduced crowding of people resulted in a lot of business is having to shut down, or at least operate in a different way. With everyone staying home and away from everyone else, we all had to find other ways to entertain ourselves as well as shop, work and learn. We have adopted the Internet, over the past couple of years, to a degree we originally would not have done for a couple more decades.

2020 marks the year that third-party delivery services to bring you food from anywhere, and similar services to bring you your groceries, etc., became commonplace. This is a new era, the truly digital era where online interactions are treated every bit as seriously as in person interactions. What is the fate of retail? Will we do things like shop exclusively for bongs online versus going to shops for the best bongs Australia can offer? The fate of certain retail, big or retail, is fairly predictable with a lasting presence as brick-and-mortar, but with a focus on delivery and pick up rather than people actually browsing those isles.

What is the inevitable fate of smaller, specialty businesses like antique shops, hobby shops, smoke shops and the like? Frankly, they’re not going anywhere. There is a convenience factor when you just need to stop and quickly get a new item, or some new product, it is fun to shop for one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass made by local or at least genuine artisans, etc. They should always be supported, especially those local artisans and craftsmen. They create works of art, and there should always be new art made. There’s always room for beauty.

However, it’s a good idea to have some high-quality, affordable and replaceable glass around, because the more you use your bong, the greater the chances that something is going to inevitably break it. When this happens, if it was your hand-blown piece, a one-of-a-kind work of art is lost. So if you’re anything like me, you probably save those for a special occasion, and you use something a little more replaceable for your day-to-day use and especially when your clumsy friend Steve comes over!

There is a big advantage, and many shops offer some sort of cooperation with online retailers as well, so is not really even that much of a competition. Both of these types of shopping tend to stay in their lane, and have realized that working together is ideal for their benefit in the long run. If you are interested in getting some good quality glass that you can also replace due to being manufactured product, you should totally consider shopping at [company name]. This is an example of a one-stop shop offering the best bongs Australia can offer, and the cheapest bongs online without sacrificing quality!

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