Building an energy-efficient home

The idea of energy efficiency is not a very new one but has become growingly important in many circles in more modern times. As a result, a lot of developments in technology have been about improvising energy efficiency, people want homes that are more energy-efficient and this is true in businesses as well. If you are not happy with homes already built it makes sense to consider having your own built and finding expert energy-efficient home builders Melbourne.

What is meant by energy efficiency?

While there are some complicated scientific explanations for the term, for the purposes of this article and as to how people understand it with reference to a house, an energy-efficient home is one where less energy is used than in non-efficient homes to achieve the same or potentially better results. With a home being built you can have energy efficiency in its design, in the sources of energy it uses, in the electrical appliances fitted.

As an example consider that during the winter you likely use your heating more so more power, electricity, is used to achieve that heating. In the summer though it is usually the air conditioner that is in demand more needing more electricity to run that. If you put in special glass in all your windows to make it more energy-efficient this would mean less heat escapes so you can heat less in the winter, not using as much electricity. In the summer it would mean those same windows do not let in as much heat from outside, so you have to push your air conditioning less hard. In both the winter and summer you can use less energy to get the same results. The best energy-efficient home builders know about what to do as they build so you have a more efficient home.

Three ways energy efficiency can be applied in a home

Building design

The shape, location, size and design of the building can play a huge role in whether it is energy efficient. That is why you can benefit in a big way by hiring energy-efficient home builders Melbourne. Insulated walls, the kind of windows installed, materials used all have an impact. Even the colour affects how energy-efficient the home is. There is a reason why homes in hot countries are painted white. It helps reflect the sun’s rays and keep it cooler. On the other hand, a darker coloured home will absorb heat. It makes sense in Australia to have lighter-coloured homes.

Modern appliances

Appliances made now are more efficient than those made 20 or even 10 years ago. You do pay more for the best options in energy-efficiency but the pay off makes it worth it. Consider the refrigerator, dishwasher, freezer and washer you use. Think about using a clothes line rather than relying heavily on a clothes dryer.

Advanced lighting

Another development is lighting today which is a lot more energy efficient than it was if you choose flourescent or other such options over traditional bulbs. The best energy-efficient home builders can talk to you about what lighting to install that considers energy efficiency as an important factor.

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