Best Roofers in Bakersfield

High level Roofing

High level Roofing is a material worker for hire, that gives private and business material help all through the Bakersfield region. The organization performs new development projects, full rooftop substitutions, and material fix. It makes sense of every suitable choice and assists clients with picking a possible material intend to resolve all current or future issues like breaks. High level Roofing utilizes the most recent excellent materials and gear to guarantee that each material task meets clients’ fulfillment.

High level Roofing

For more than 28 years, Advanced Roofing has been serving the land owners of Bakersfield and close by regions. The privately possessed and worked organization introduces an assortment of private and business material frameworks. These incorporate level, black-top shingle, wood shake, metal, and TPO material. Its team of laborers gives re-material and assessment administrations. They additionally deal with issues, for example, breaks and tempest harms. The business introduces and fixes sunlight powered chargers. It likewise cleans stopped up drain frameworks.

Bear Mountain Roofing Inc.

Bear Mountain Roofing Inc. is a worker for hire serving clients in Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. Its laborers perform material administrations for both business and private designs. They set up level or slanted material frameworks produced using different materials, like tiles, black-top, and cement. The team likewise investigates rooftops for indications of mileage and harm and surveys whether a re-reoofing is fundamental. Hot mop administrations are likewise accessible. The business has been in activity for more than 15 years.

Boring Company

Boring Company gives private and business material administrations in Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. Its roofers introduce and supplant different material frameworks, and they work with rooftop types, like hot tar, tile, adjusted, and composite shingles. The staff reviews, surveys, and fixes analyzed rooftop issues, including inappropriately introduced blazing, releases, ponding, broken down tiles, and falling apart fireplaces. Dull Company utilizes items from famous brands like GAF and Owens Corning.

BSW Roofing, Solar and Air

BSW Roofing, Solar and Air spends significant time in introducing tile rooftops, black-top shingles, standing crease metal rooftops, and single-utilize rooftop frameworks. Beside rooftop establishment, the group of experts additionally offers rooftop upkeep, rooftop fix, and rooftop covering administrations. Likewise remembered for the organization’s specialized topics are drains, planetary groups, and loft protection. BSW Roofing, Solar and Air is an authorized, reinforced, and safeguarded business that has introduced in excess of 35,000 private rooftops since its foundation in 1942.

Palace Roofing

Palace Roofing is a private and business material expert serving the Bakersfield and Kern County regions. Its administrations incorporate evaluations, new development material, rooftop establishment, fix, and substitution. The material organization can give rooftop affirmations after rooftop assessments. Its prepared and guaranteed material experts can introduce rooftop ventilation and apply rooftop coatings. They are knowledgeable about working with brands like GAF Timberline HD®. Palace Roofing additionally offers material administrations for manufactured homes, porches, and sheds.

Jewel Ridge Roofing Inc.

Jewel Ridge Roofing Inc. is a business and private material project worker in Bakersfield. It handles spill discovery and fixes, tempest and wind harm rebuilding, material upkeep administrations, complete rooftop substitutions, and new rooftop establishments. Its accomplished material professionals give extensive rooftop investigations to decide whether fixes, support, or rooftop substitutions are essential. Precious stone Ridge Roofing works in composite, shingle, and tile material administrations. It’s an individual from the National Roofing Contractors Association. The organization likewise offers loft ventilation establishments

Ed and J United Roofing

Ed and J United Roofing serves the neighborhoods of the Bakersfield metro and the encompassing regions. The organization offers rooftop fix and substitution, new development and lookout window establishments, and different business material administrations, for example, examinations after tempests and infrared filtering to look for water spills. It directs the clients from choosing materials to booking the venture. The organization is a privately possessed and worked business with north of 30 years of industry experience. Its proprietor, Jesse Torres, works alongside the organization team.

Kern County Roofing

Kern County Roofing offers thorough material administrations to private land owners in Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. Administrations incorporate material establishment for new advertisement and home development, supplanting broken down rooftops, and consultancy during rooftop determination. The organization’s installers work in dealing with shingles as well as tile and earth rooftops. They give full-scale reroofing choices to porches and introduce belt. Clients can demand overview examination, ordinary assessment, and upkeep administrations to work on their rooftops’ life span.

Lift Energy Roofing

Lift Energy Roofing is a privately possessed and worked proficient outside arrangements worker for hire that serves the inhabitants of Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. Its group of prepared experts gives an extensive variety of material arrangements, including full and fractional re-material, rooftop fix, and sunlight based charger establishment. It chips away at various kinds of material frameworks, for example, S tile, level tile, metal, and shingle material. Lift Energy Roofing has been in activity for over four years.

Marton and Sons Roofing Inc.

Marton and Sons Roofing Inc. is a full-administration organization serving land owners in Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. This family-possessed and family-worked organization has been expertly introducing, keeping up with, and fixing composite, metal, and tile rooftops for mortgage holders, organizations, and developers for north of 30 years. The organization additionally helps with rooftop affirmations for both private and business properties. Marton and Sons Roofing and its work have showed up on 2004 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, contributing time and work to revamp an included family’s home.

Medrano Roofing

Medrano Roofing is a material organization in Bakersfield that has been serving private and business clients starting around 2006. Administrations presented by the organization incorporate rooftop fixes, rooftop substitutions, new development, and general rooftop upkeep. Master roofers from the organization have insight in hot wiping and TPO frameworks. It introduces and fixes rooftops produced using substantial tile, cedar shakes, and arrangement shingles. Medrano Roofing can plan and construct porches and porch decking.

Head Roofing of California

Head Roofing of California is a full-administration material worker for hire that has been in the material business starting around 2006. Its material experts handle the establishment of private shingles as well as redone tile material items. They fix broken down rooftops and proposition full-scale substitution choices. The organization gives crisis material administrations in chose areas and upper room protection establishment, fix, and substitution. It likewise eliminates amassed green growth from rooftop tiles and introduces and keeps up with sunlight based chargers. Chief Roofing of California is a guaranteed installer for Eco-Shake’s tile, Enviroshake.

Roofs USA

Established in 2003, Rooftops USA is an expert private and business material organization in Bakersfield. It gives far reaching rooftop investigations that incorporate rooftop affirmations. Its profoundly prepared material professionals have experience taking care of rooftop fixes and substitutions as well as new rooftop developments. Housetops USA offers clients an assortment of material choices, including tile, black-top shingles, TPO, and PVC. It’s an ensured GAF worker for hire. The organization likewise fixes and introduces upper room ventilation, drains, and bay windows.

San Joaquin Construction Services

San Joaquin Construction Services an authorized roofer in Bakersfield. It gives business and private material administrations, including reroofs, recuperates, new development, and fixes. It likewise introduces lookout windows, roof porches, and light down material. The organization’s profoundly prepared experts guarantee that the items they use for clients’ material designs satisfy their motivation to give quality insurance and protection from harm. San Joaquin Construction Services values both underlying and workmanship trustworthiness, and it consistently instructs its professionals on best material practices.

San Joaquin Construction Services

Beginning around 1953, San Joaquin Construction Services has been managing private and business properties in Bakersfield. It handles rooftop establishment, re-material, and fix tasks and offers different material choices, including metal, tile, thermoplastic polyolefin, and polyvinyl chloride. The organization utilizes roofing materials from various brands, as Gaco and Boral. It additionally sets up, fixes, and keeps up with sunlight powered chargers. It gives different arrangements, including home rebuilding and sewer line substitution. The organization has been highlighted in the paper The Bakersfield Californian.

Semper Solaris

Semper Solaris is a veteran-possessed organization in Bakersfield that offers material administrations. It introduces material frameworks on homes, with a specific spotlight on incorporation with sun oriented power parts. Moreover, Semper Solaris performs material examinations. Cool rooftops, which reflect more daylight than customary rooftops, are accessible. The organization is an Owens Corning Platinum favored worker for hire, and its ventures accompanied guarantee choices. Its different areas of center incorporate sun oriented power, battery capacity, and warming and cooling.

SoCal Energy, Inc.

SoCal Energy Inc. is an authorized, energy-proficient roofer in Bakersfield that has given material framework administration to more than 15 years. It has practical experience in introducing Eagle Tile and GAF cool material frameworks as an option in contrast to customary rooftop shingling. These frameworks utilize intelligent rooftop coatings that divert intensity and assist with decreasing inside temperatures. Furthermore, their solid mooring safeguards against spills and free shingles or tiling. The organization likewise introduces entryways and windows.

Unrivaled Exterior

Unrivaled Exterior is a material organization in Bakersfield that has been doing business beginning around 1981. It handles rooftop and siding fix or substitution. Its group of material and siding experts can work with present day materials accessible on the lookout. The organization can likewise fix or introduce windows, lookout windows, drains, and ice dam assurance. The organization’s organizer, Jake Webb, is one of the top specialist co-ops who encouraged the enormous interest for vinyl sidings during the 1980s.

Unrivaled Roofing

Unrivaled Roofing offers private and business material arrangements from its Bakersfield office. The material project worker spends significant time in a large number of administrations, for example, rooftop substitution and rooftop fix. Its experts handle earth tile rooftops, cedar rooftops, black-top shingle rooftops, and metal rooftops. The organization is a confirmed worker for hire for different makers in the material business including CertainTeed and GAF. Unrivaled Roofing’s rooftop substitution projects require three to five days to finish. The organization is authorized, safeguarded, and fortified.

Wilson Brothers Roofing, Inc.

Wilson Brothers Roofing, Inc. offers a full scope of material administrations for clients. The roofers in Bakersfield handle rooftop substitution, rooftop upkeep, and custom rooftop establishment. Beside these, the material experts fix releases, brushed off shingles, harmed bay windows and rooftop vents, and spoiled wood. The group likewise reestablishes stacks. The family-claimed and worked organization has been giving material answers for over forty years. Wilson Brothers Roofing, Inc. is an individual from the National Roofing Contractors Association.

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