Best LG Washing Machines that You Can Buy in India Right Now

LG Electronics is known for innovation in its vast array of home appliances, with new launches visibly making savvy tech entrances that other brands may lag behind in. The LG washing machine has evolved through many years of adopting the best technological advances, and yet, machines are affordable.

Furthermore, washing machines — both top loading and front loading appliances are affordable and with a wide variety to choose from, the brand caters to all segments of consumers, whatever the budget. 

The Latest in 2021

By the end of January 2021, when the pandemic had all but put a curb on positive economic activity, LG Electronics launched its advanced and new ThinQ front loading washing machine line. This was an innovation that consumers, who had held their purse strings tightly thus far were thrilled about and wanted to grab.

This washing machine features a Direct Drive motor mechanism along with artificial intelligence. Building on nearly two decades of LG’s creativity, the groundbreaking Direct Drive motor is responsible for the delivery of the most effective and efficient washing in any washer so far.

Contrary to the way other washing machines work, detecting only the weight of garments inside the drum, the ThinQ detects not just the weight of the fabric, but the softness too. Selecting optimal movements so that it washes any texture appropriately, this LG washing machine gives your clothes the best wash, guaranteeing that there is absolutely no damage to clothes. Even if fabrics in the drum are mixed, the machine can determine the kind of wash to give the load as a whole. 

New Levels of Technology

With all the new technology that the ThinQ brings to the appliance marketplace, any washing machine you buy from LG today comes with features that save you time, yet do not compromise on premium washing performance. For example, in some front-loading washing machines, you can get the TurboWash 360 degree feature that uses power-driven jets that envelope clothes from several angles.

This allows the detergent to force itself deep into the fabric for a thorough cleaning. Large loads which take a longer time to wash get washed in a span that is shorter than regular washes from other brands. In just under an hour, huge loads get washed quickly.

With 3D multiple water sprays that shoot out water in five directions to disrupt stains, any LG washing machine ensures that clothes get a vigorous wash, thus saving water and time. Most importantly, 2 kg wash loads can be washed in less than an hour, rather than the standard two hours that is normally expected, and thus, cut down significantly on power consumption. You should know about the best washing machines the brand has on offer in 2021. 

The Best LG Machines to Buy Now

If you want a washing machine that does all the work, letting you spend your time more productively, you should get any one of these machines from LG today.

LG 8 Kg FHM1208ZDL Washing Machine – This front loading LG washing machine is a winner for many reasons. Great for a medium to large size family, it has a five-star energy rating that assures you of power savings in your electricity bills.

With a 6-motion irect Drive technology feature that sees the washing drum move in multiple directions to get the most stubborn stains out, this model is extremely effective and efficient. Furthermore, this is a washing machine that has a heater, heating up to 60 degrees to assure you of the most hygienic wash. Safety features include a touch panel that is waterproof and will not harm you if your hands are wet. 

LG 6.5 Kg T65SKF4Z Washing Machine- An affordable and powerful LG machine for a small family, this top-loading machine is fully automatic with a five-star energy rating. This is executed by LG’s legendary smart inverter technology.

Additionally, the motor is protected from dust and pests with BMC protection. Inside, the powerful Turbo Drum entails the most rigorous washing of clothes without the hint of any damage or tangling. The machine is made of robust stainless steel so that, unlike plastic top loaders, your machine will never smell foul and mouldy.

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LG 6 Kg FHM1006ADW Washing Machine – With this efficient front loading machine, you get a five-star rating that cuts down your energy bills substantially. For an average family, this is a great purchase with Direct Drive technology that washes clothes in many directions for an uber-clean wash.

The motor is directly linked to the drum, so not only do you get a premium wash but a silent one without vibrations. An LG washing machine model you need if you want great value for money. This gives you the latest ThinQ technology, connecting you with LG’s ThinQ app to help you with the troubleshooting process. You can also connect certain wash functions with the app.

Great Machines 

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