Best Divorce Lawyers in Beverly Hills

Adam Moloudi

Adam Moloudi is a family regulation legal counselor that has been addressing clients for over 17 years. Serving Beverly Hills, he aids an extensive variety of separation related viewpoints including division of resources, kid guardianship, spousal upkeep, and kid support. His legitimate group assists in planning with packaging techniques and gives various choices while considering clients’ lawful, personal, and monetary dangers. Moloudi recently filled in as a duty professional which gives him a benefit in tracking down secret resources and sorting out conjugal property divisions.

Benefield Law

Benefield Law is a legitimate specialist organization that serves clients in Beverly Hills. The firm gives lawful help and portrayal to clients managing the course of separation. Moreover, it offers choices to clients, for example, intercession and case in settling authority fights. The association’s different administrations incorporate trust and bequest arranging. Tamara Benefield, the company’s legal advisor, has north of 15 years of involvement in care and separation procedures. Benefield is a piece of the 2017 Top 40 Attorneys Under 40 from the National Bar Association.

Bohm Wildish and Matsen, LLP

Bohm Wildish and Matsen, LLP, offers lawful types of assistance to clients in Beverly Hills and the encompassing regions. It takes care of people wishing to document a separation case to end their relationships while safeguarding their freedoms and kids. Its group creates property division, spousal help, and kid guardianship arrangements. The law office is likewise accessible to offer separation reflection administrations to determine clients’ questions with their mates without going through case. One of its accomplices, Sherry D’Antony, is a family regulation expert guaranteed by the State Bar of California.

Bret Hunter Family Law and Mediation

Bret Hunter Family Law and Mediation, established in 2011, guides clients in and around the Beverly Hills metro. It offers legitimate portrayal to people who are confronting separation and helps them in various parts of family regulation prosecution, including youngster guardianship and backing, aggressive behavior at home, early arrangements, property division, and spousal support. The firm likewise uses an intervention procedure to settle matters without going to court. Bret Hunter, the lawyer, is a family regulation expert confirmed by the State Bar of California.

Debra Opri and Associates

Debra Opri and Associates is a store lawful firm serving occupants in and around the Beverly Hills region. Establishing lawyer Debra Opri addresses clients going through a separation. She works with companions of competitors, performers, entrepreneurs, and monetary experts. She battles for her clients’ privileges in out-of-court settlements and preliminaries, whether they include property division, provision, or aggressive behavior at home. She likewise makes pre-separate from plans, which cover living courses of action, movement, and resources. Opri has more than thirty years of involvement.

Farbood Majd Attorney at Law

Farbood Majd Attorney at Law in Beverly Hills advises clients confronting legitimate difficulties in family regulation, chapter 11, and common suit nearby. The firm is going by Farbood Majd, an Iranian-American common litigator who has north of 15 years of lawful experience. He addresses clients in separate and legitimate detachment procedures, including related cases like spousal help, parentage, stepparent appropriations, and kid care. The association’s group talks both Farsi and Turkish. Farbood endeavors to keep up with open correspondence with his clients.

Jamra and Hanasab LLP

Jamra and Hanasab LLP assists its clients with managing divorce in the Beverly Hills region. It helps them with separate related matters, for example, property division, kid backing and authority, and appearance privileges. It additionally handles prenuptial and postnuptial arrangements and gives legitimate direction to assist with limiting clash. It uses a uniquely crafted system that spotlights on clients’ objectives and financial plans. Its group of attorneys has more than fifty years of involvement with the legitimate field. The firm has been serving the local area beginning around 2010.

Regulation Office of Benjamin Kanani

The Law Office of Benjamin Kanani addresses people from Beverly Hills looking for a separation. It tends to the details of youngster authority, division of property, and monetary help. Its separation legal advisors likewise handle complex cases including controlling requests. The law office was shaped in 2017 by establishing lawyer Benjamin Kanani, who has been specializing in legal matters starting around 2011 and zeroing in on family regulation beginning around 2015. Kanani got a Hall of Fame grant from the Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law in 2019 for his chipping in endeavors.

Regulation Office of Emily E. Rubenstein

The Law Office of Emily E. Rubenstein is situated in Beverly Hills and helps clients with their separation cases. With each case, Rubenstein assists clients with exploring complex separation processes, settle on tangled guardianship matters, and arrive at settlement exchanges. The firm additionally helps draft early arrangements to guarantee clients’ conjugal interaction moves along as planned. In 2017, Rubenstein was granted with Recognition for Excellence in the Field of Family Law by the American Institute of Legal Advocates.

Regulation Office of Karen S. Brown

The Law Office of Karen S. Brown is a family law office that serves clients across the Beverly Hills metro. The firm gives lawful portrayal to clients managing separation and helps with related regions like youngster care, movement, divorce settlement, and property division. The firm additionally assists clients with prenuptial arrangements, high-resource divorces, paternity debates, and post-judgment matters. Its primary legal counselor, Karen Brown, has more than 45 years of legitimate insight and is an individual from the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists.

Regulation Office of Samantha J. Voss

The Law Office of Samantha J. Voss gives legitimate portrayal to people and families in Beverly Hills hoping to determine their family regulation issues. Voss guides clients through separate from procedures and helps them in the circulation of resources, spousal help, kid support, and the production of a nurturing plan. She additionally assists casualties of abusive behavior at home and rape with acquiring limiting requests. For each situation she handles, she focuses on safeguarding her clients’ freedoms and the government assistance of the kids in question.

Regulation Offices of Katherine Cohan, APLC

The Law Offices of Katherine Cohan, APLC, handles cases encompassing family and separation regulations. It helps separating from couples in Beverly Hills and the encompassing regions arrange youngster care and backing arrangements. This legitimate firm serves high organization cases. Sole expert Katherine Cohan has been rehearsing beginning around 2010. She has been included on news associations like Fox News, USA Today, CBS, NBC, and Daily Herald. Also, Cohan helps clients with paternity and guardianship issues.

Regulation Offices of Allie Weinstein, Inc

The Law Offices of Allie Weinstein, Inc., engages and safeguards people and families in Beverly Hills. It has lawful administrations for separate from issues including youngster guardianship, spousal help, aggressive behavior at home, and limiting requests. The firm makes arrangements for co-residence, lawful partition, change, and early and postnuptial insurance. It additionally has ripeness regulation administrations for surrogacy and undeveloped organism gift issues. Allie is the ongoing co-seat of the Beverly Hills Bar Association Section on Family Formation Law.

Regulation Offices of Christian E. Markey III

The Law Offices of Christian E. Markey III has been serving clients in Beverly Hills beginning around 1999. It guides families through separate from procedures, resolving issues like provision, resource and property valuations, kid support, youngster guardianship, and appearance. It additionally offers elective debate goal in looking for great outcomes for the two players, including discretion, intercession, and cooperative separation. Essential Christian Markey is a specialist and mediator at the Southern California Family Law American Inns of Court. He was named 2017 Top Lawyer by the Los Angeles Times.

Regulation Offices of Christopher R. Mallicoat

The Law Offices of Christopher R. Mallicoat is a general practice firm serving people and families in the Beverly Hills people group. Christopher Mallicoat began his lawful practice in 2003. He handles family regulation cases, including divorce, lawful partition, aggressive behavior at home, and youngster authority and backing. Mallicoat deals with his clients’ separation cases, arranging and prosecuting goals that safeguard their resources while addressing their wellbeing. His portrayal stretches out to bequest arranging, individual injury, and business regulation.

Regulation Offices of Elena Mebtahi

The Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi, situated in Los Angeles, gives guidance to people in Beverly Hills and the encompassing networks. This confident handles cases including family regulation, addressing clients in separate from procedures. It additionally manages related matters, for example, kid guardianship and backing, youngster support overdue debts, spousal help, appearance, and resource dissemination. Elena Mebtahi, the association’s head, conducts counsels by telephone with the goal that clients wouldn’t need to show up in court or travel.

Regulation Offices of Irene Intelligator

The Law Offices of Irene Intelligator offers legitimate portrayal to clients all through Southern California. It helps clients in exploring the course of challenged and uncontested separation, assisting them with related family regulation matters, for example, kid backing and authority, nurturing plans, division of local area property, obligation, spousal help, parentage, step-parent appropriations, and CSSD portrayal. The firm likewise handles legitimate detachment cases. Intelligator likewise communicates in Russian and Spanish and has been rehearsing family regulation beginning around 1986.

Regulation Offices of Jonathan Pakravan

The Law Offices of Jonathan Pakravan directs people and families in and around the Beverly Hills region. Essential Jonathan Pakravan assists clients with exploring the methodology engaged with a separation. He likewise advocates for their freedoms as they partition imparted properties to their previous accomplices. Moreover, the lawyer handles matters concerning spousal and kid support and addresses clients in kid authority questions. Since moving on from graduate school in 2005, Pakravan has solely drilled family regulation. He laid out his firm in 2012.

Regulation Offices of Robert J. Nachshin, P.C.

Regulation Offices of Robert J. Nachshin, P.C., is a family law office that arrangements with separate from procedures in Beverly Hills. With north of 40 years of involvement, it can contest concerns including kid and spousal help, pre and postnuptial arrangements, kid guardianship, and pet care. The company’s group additionally has insight in, acquiring limiting requests, taking care of dissolution cases, and settling probate concerns. Overseeing accomplice Robert J Nachshin has been addressing clients from all pay levels beginning around 1983.

Regulation Offices of Rocky Elkaddoum

The Law Offices of Rocky Elkaddoum takes care of clients in Beverly Hills confronting family regulation matters. Its legal counselors take on family regulation cases including the disintegration of marriage, meaning to safeguard the clients by limiting their monetary openness. They really focus on separate from cases including minor kids and work intimately with clients to get a positive custodial timetable that accommodates their wellbeing. Its lawyers have additionally chipped away at marriage disintegration claims including big names and exercise complete circumspection and classification for these cases.

Regulation Offices Of Vincent W. Davis and Associates

The Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis and Associates is a diverse lawful work on serving the occupants of Beverly Hills. Its lawyer frequently settle separate from cases through exchange and common understanding while at the same time staying ready to defend clients in court in additional confounded circumstances. The issues it handles incorporate kid care and appearance, youngster and spousal help, and property division. The firm additionally handles adolescent reliance cases. Lead counsel Vincent Davis has been dynamic in the lawful field beginning around 1986.

Leichter-Maroko LLP

Leichter-Maroko, LLP, offers its administrations to clients in Beverly Hills. Its tea helps mates in settling questions concerning divorce and its resulting issues, like kid care and property division. The firm and its work have been highlighted in news sources, similar to ABC News, The New York Times, and The Daily Journal. Its prime supporter, Alexandra Leichter, is a board-confirmed family regulation trained professional and a previous Executive Committee individual from the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Family Law Section.

Levin and Margolin

Levin and Margolin is a confidential regulation practice that serves people in and around Beverly Hills who are chasing after a separation. Its lawyers bring more than forty years of joined legitimate insight, assisting clients with evaluating their choices and settle on fitting choices that safeguard their legitimate privileges and that of their kids. Clients of the firm incorporate business leaders, amusement and clinical specialists, and high-total assets people. One of the association’s accomplices, Lionel P. Levin, has been serving Los Angeles County Superior Court as a worker go between for north of 35 years.

Lopez Law Group

Lopez Law Group is a sole specialist law office situated in Beverly Hills and serving the more prominent Los Angeles region. Lawyer Eve Lopez handles all parts of a client’s separation and has north of 20 years of involvement with managing uncontested separations, high clash guardianship fights, youngsters with unique necessities, and separations including modern monetary issues. She will help with arranging kid support, property divisions, youngster care, and spousal help.

Nina N. Gohari

Nina N. Gohari assists people with exploring through official procedures handling family regulation matters in Beverly Hills and the encompassing regions. She takes on separate from cases and addresses clients in revocation, legitimate partition, and homegrown association questions. She likewise handles issues where kids are involved, including care and backing. Moreover, her office helps fathers in paternity activities including laying out a parental relationship and expense captures connected with kid support overdue debts. Gohari has been in the lawful practice beginning around 1995.

Ronald Flate

Ronald Flate is a Beverly Hills-based lawyer that takes special care of clients all through the neighborhood metro. He advocates for people managing divorce and gives guidance on issues connected with spousal help. He deals with cases including antagonistic or neighborly couples. Flate likewise manages bequest arranging and sets up a scope of records, from legal authorities to guarantee deeds. Flate has been specializing in legal matters for over forty years. He has experience serving in the Los Angeles Superior Court framework as judge expert tem.

Salice Law

Salice Law serves families in and around Beverly Hills. The law office handles a wide assortment of family regulation matters, for example, challenged and uncontested separation, spousal help, sole actual care, paternity freedoms, youngster support, and pre-and post-matrimonial arrangements. It additionally addresses kids in adolescent cases including misuse, drug reliance, and different charges. Pioneer Danielle Grabois Salice is a go between with California Lawyers for the Arts. She is authorized to take special care of occupants of the District of Columbia and New York.

Stolar and Associates APLC

Stolar and Associates APLC rehearses separation and family regulation in Beverly Hills. The confident handles uncontested, high-resource, out-of-state, and worldwide separations, including those of military help individuals. It addresses clients in issues of kid care, kid support, rearrangement of funds, spousal help, and property division. Different areas of training are prenuptial arrangements and home preparation, including readiness of wills and trusts. Stolar and Associates additionally takes on instances of aggressive behavior at home and transitory controlling requests.

The Law Office of Aaron Leetch

The Law Office of Aaron Leetch takes special care of clients in Beverly Hills and the encompassing areas. Leetch centers his training around family regulation, including divorce. His group gives vital preparation and humane portrayal that can assist clients with representing their wellbeing in separate from procedures. He additionally handles cases including kid authority and backing, appearance freedoms, paternity questions, abusive behavior at home, and limiting request claims. Leetch laid out his confidential practice starting around 2013. He is likewise a Los Angeles County Bar Association Domestic Violence volunteer.

The Soleymani Law Firm

The Soleymani Law Firm gives direction and portrayal to the occupants of Beverly Hills. It helps clients in worries connected with separate, kid care and appearance, and spousal and kid support. Overseeing accomplice Deborah Soleymani represents considerable authority in family regulation and has immense experience taking care of cases connected with property division and separate property repayments. She is an ensured minor’s direction and is designated by legal officials to address the wellbeing of youngsters in guardianship and appearance concerns.

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