Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture in Point Pleasant is a procedure that uses tiny needles.  They are inserted into your body to help balance out your energy.  There are specific locations in your body that align with energy points.  When these needles are inserted, they will trigger your body’s natural healing capabilities and help to restore balance to your body and mind.

Acupuncture comes from Asia and is an ancient healing art that is in use all over the world now. In fact, estimates suggest that about one-third of the global population has used acupuncture as a form of medicine. As well as being applied for a number of treatments it has uses for preventative purposes too.

One of the main focuses of using acupuncture treatment is to reduce pain and improve overall health.  It can be used to help reduce the pain from chronic headaches, after surgery, muscle, and back pain, and more.  It can also help to support better nervous and immune system function.  There are many other benefits of using acupuncture in Brick.

  • Helps to reduce stress—this is one of the primary reasons that many have acupuncture treatments.  The key factor in lowering your stress reaction is to restore your energy balance and trigger a nervous system response. 
  • Reduces joint and back pain—one of the top benefits of acupuncture is pain relief.  The treatment can help to reduce the tension in your neck and back along with alleviating pain in your joints.  This is a drug-free way to get relief from these issues.
  • Eye health improved—with all the work people do using a computer screens and phone screens, eye strain is a common complaint.  Acupuncture in Point Pleasant can help to reduce it and help to improve vision that is dealing with issues like night blindness.
  • Headache relief—acupuncture treatment can help those that are struggling with migraines and chronic headaches.  It has been found that it can help to reduce the severity and frequency of these types of headaches.
  • Mental clarity is enhanced—many times when people are stressed, they suffer from brain fog.  This makes it hard for them to think well.
  • Energy increases—some patients state that after having acupuncture treatments, they notice an increase in their energy level.  This can help you feel more productive/
  • Sleeping better—if your body’s energy is in balance and your nervous system is stimulated properly, many find that they can fall asleep better.  It has been shown that acupuncture helps with insomnia.
  • Less digestive problems—some of the more common digestive issues that people suffer from are heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation.  If your digestive system is not working right, your wellness and overall health are damaged.  Having acupuncture treatments can help give you relief from these issues.
  • Blood pressure—using acupuncture can help to support better blood flow and proper heart function.  High blood pressure seems to be a problem in today’s world so trying acupuncture treatments can help to lower it.
  • Enhance fertility—if a couple is having trouble conceiving a baby, acupuncture may help give them faster results.  It can optimize the production of reproductive hormones.


Acupuncture in Brick is a safe alternative for many issues, but it is best to see your physician first to rule out any serious issues that need to be addressed first.  As noted, acupuncture offers many benefits for dealing with pain and other issues.

Bio – We are a multidisciplinary wellness team focused on getting our clients out of pain and most importantly optimizing overall mental, physical and meditation in Brick.

This article is not intended for diagnostic purposes.

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