Becoming a Home Builder—Facts to Consider

Before you start your career as a Gisborne builder there are some factors you should consider.   These home builders, also known as residential contractor, are the ones that take on remodeling jobs and constructs new homes.  Generally, they will be the owner of a construction company that builds homes.  It is a lot of work to become a home builder but can be a lucrative career choice.

Before you start your career as a builder in Macedon Ranges, you want to make sure that you have the education and experience requirements.  Although there are no set educational requirements, you are going to be running your own business so it would help if you had a degree in business management or construction science.  You will be responsible for everything, from getting the lots for building your homes on to the finished product.  There is a lot of paperwork involved in running your business so you should know accounting, writing invoices, contracts, and more.

Before you can become a home builder, you will need to check with your state regarding what types of licenses, insurance, and bonds you will need.  Each state regulates its own licensing requirements for home builders.  You may have to have a background check, take exams, proof of commercial liability, and bonding.  Individual communities can adapt the regulations of a home builder in Macedon Ranges and require membership in state or local construction boards and annual fees. 

It will take money to start a residential construction business so you need to make sure that you have the means to start the company or the ability to get a loan.  You are going to need tools, such as nail guns and saws, which are essential to this type of business.  The larger pieces of construction equipment you can rent until you can afford to purchase them.  There are some banks that will finance on speculation homes but it depends on your professional reputation, the demand for housing in your area, and your credit.

Being a Gisborne builder, there will be a lot of paperwork so you will need to have an office and hire someone to run it, plus take care of the paperwork.  You will need a good computer system to run construction and bookkeeping software programs.  They will do your invoices and keep track of construction material prices to help when you are figuring bids.  They will also do payroll to make it easier to pay your workers.  When you hire office staff, it helps to reduce the time you have to spend in the office taking care of the paperwork and answering phones.  It will give you more time to recruit new businesses and place bids on them.


Yes, it does take a lot to become a home builder and it will take time to see a profit but it is a good career to follow.  Make sure that before you choose this career path that you are ready, that you have some experience and education to run a business plus money to get started.

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By Cary Grant

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