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Over the years, there have been many popular trends in bathroom and kitchen makeovers Perth. Some of them have stayed, while others have gone out of fashion. What is great about these trends is you do not have to adopt them exactly as they are shown. You can have the kind of kitchen or bathroom you want by choosing only what you like from design trends, whether they have been around for decades, or are more modern. With the kitchen and bathroom being two of the most used rooms in a home, it is normal that they need updating and renovating more often than other rooms in a home. Here are some items to consider, no mater the size of your renovation project!

A lot more to think about than you might realise!

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to kitchen and bathroom makeover Perth. Are you changing the flooring, opting for painting or tiling the walls from floor to ceiling? Are you changing the lighting, the cabinets, countertops, sinks, shower, tub, toilet, cabinetry and so on? Consider how durable the materials are in the kitchen so they can handle scratches, spills and heavy traffic. Consider whether the materials you want are suitable for the bathroom, which can be a damp environment. Here are some more ideas.

  • Tiled floor – There are a lot of different styles and colours when it comes to floor tiling. Lighter colours are more popular and natural stone tiles are also in vogue. In the kitchen, homeowners are also still choosing hardwood flooring as it looks great with stone countertops.
  • Simple and elegant fixtures – Big right now are fixtures that are simple. A cleaner and more elegant look can be achieved with simple fixtures. You can be more creative with walls, tiles and such while choosing plain fixtures. Check out the new developments in sinks, baths and such. If you want an ultra-modern outcome, take a look at new designs.
  • Vintage or traditional versus modern – The two most popular styles are vintage versus modern and contemporary. Vintage kitchen makeovers Perth might feature wooden cabinets, vintage countertops, tap ware and even light switches. A modern kitchen would have a fancy new cooker, modern lighting, matte black fixtures, and so on. In the bathroom, a more traditional approach might feature a clawfoot tub whereas a modern design might feature a large shower recess with multiple heads.
  • Tiling for backsplashes and bathroom walls – Light and natural colours are most popular right now in a kitchen and bathroom makeover Perth.

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