Assessing Scuba Masks For Suitability

When you are planning on going scuba diving or snorkelling, you need your mask to let you see the amazing world that is below the surface of the water. Choosing the wrong mask might lead to something cloudy, blurry, leaky and uncomfortable. You also need to think about whether you need a prescription snorkel mask or scuba mask. Here are five things to think about when considering buying a mask.


There are a few things you might consider with design but for this article, we will focus here on the number of windows or lenses the scuba mask is designed with. You can get a single that has one large viewing lens. You have two window masks that have a lense or window for each eye, then there are ones that have three, a large window and then a smaller window on the sides. In most cases, single windows are the better option but in cases where you are looking for a scuba or snorkel mask with prescription lenses then you would choose a two-window mask to get the right prescribed lense for each window.


The majority of modern masks have skirts that are made from silicone but some use natural rubber. If you have an allergy you might choose one over the other. You can also get either plastic or glass for the lenses. Glass is heavier than plastic, and it is also more expensive. However, a lot of divers recommend glass over plastic because you get better clarity and it is less prone to scratching. Plastic tends to dull and yellow and scratches more easily all of which affect your view and detract from the enjoyment of the dive. Just always make sure the glass is tempered for safety reasons in case it breaks.


The colour you chose is not just about how it looks. The colour of the skirting has a function as well. Clear is a popular option and at first, might seem the best for your prescription snorkel mask but while it does let in more light, that light randomly scatters and can cause a lot of distraction reflections inside the mask. A solid and darker skirt tends to work better.

Internal Volume

In a scuba mask, the internal volume is how much empty space there is inside while you wear it that fills with air. You want one with low internal volume because it makes equalizing easier and it makes clearing the mask easier too.

How it Fits

Another factor is how well the scuba or snorkel mask with prescription lenses fits your face. We all have different sized faces and different shaped faced. Nose size, cheek bones also have an impact on how the mask fits. Some mask types do well on lots of different face types, and some mask types seem to fit better with just certain people. Sometimes finding the right fit might be a bit of a challenge but you should stick with it.

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