Aren’t All Home Builders The Same?

If you are not familiar with the nuances involved you might think that all home builders are pretty much the same and all you need to do is to work out the ones you can trust from the ones you cannot. But there is a lot more to it than that which you will see when you start doing some research. Different builders have different approaches, work ethoses, and qualifications even. Some focus on building homes, some more on renovations and extension work. They will also have more experience with different styles of homes. Not all builders will be suited to your project so you need to find a home builder Macedon Range who is.

Custom, spec and tract builders

When you have found a builder that has the kind of approach you are looking for and who builds whole homes not just renovates then you need to think about whether you want a tract builder, a spec builder or a custom builder. How contractors work, the materials they use, how they source them, the standards they achieve are different depending on which category the Gisborne builder falls under.

Custom home builders – When it comes to buying materials custom home builders do not usually buy in bulk, and they tend to work to higher standards in the work they complete. As the client, you have more control over the choices to be made from style to colours and more. The final look of the home is all down to you. A custom home builder Macedon Ranges costs more usually but tends to be worth it. When you are looking to build your forever dream home custom builders are the ones to turn to. Usually, though this kind of customisation and increased cost means first-time buyers are less able to use them. Each house they build is unique and most custom builders only build at the most 10 houses a year.

Tract home builders – A tract home builder is know for creating homes that are identical also referred to as cookie-cutter houses. They buy materials in bulk and use the same ones across their multiple house-building projects. Lower quality materials tend to be used making the homes more affordable but more likely to need work sooner rather than later. The tract part refers to them purchasing large tracts of land and then building in subdivisions on that land using two or three floorplans. You have some say in things like floor choices but not a lot and they tend to have a quicker build time as a result. 

Spec home builders – A spec home Gisborne builder are those who buy land speculating that there will be a buyer interested in buying the home they build there. They tend to just buy a small piece of land, not a whole tract, and build one or two houses and then put them up to sell. It can be more flexible with the price of the houses especially if they have been on the market for a bit but if you are not there when they are doing the build you have little input.

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