Are You Ready for the next step for B2B SaaS Customer Experience Reset?

A lot of attention has been paid to customer experience in the B2C market. In the B2B space, the market scenario is different.  The US B2B e-commerce by 2023 is expected to hit $1.8 trillion according to Forrester. B2B SaaS customer experience is important as the community has different needs, new behaviours, and scenarios. Customer experience is the link between any business and customer. Higher satisfaction is important for customer experience. A customer who is satisfied can be loyal and not lured by competitor proposition. If a B2B SaaS customer is unsatisfied with the customer experience, they will look for other options. The base of customer experience is customer engagement and service. As per Gallup, less than 30% of B2B customers are engaged. According to the same survey, only 31 percent of B2B SaaS customers believed that their vendor understood their needs.

In the light of this scenario, there is a need to nurture relationships based on support, need and service. B2B SaaS customer experience assesses the entire customer journey from the view of pain points to form interconnected touchpoints. It is possible to identify opportunities that will enhance customer experience. To make the customer journey more seamless, convenient, and hassle-free, it is important to be more responsive. In this experience economy, companies give more meaning through customer experience. To make the best of any B2B SaaScustomer experience, it is necessary to interact with many channels. This omnichannel approach will immensely benefit for B2B customers who prefer agile networks. B2B SaaS customers often have multiple decision makers each with different needs. This needs to be accounted for while making a customer experience strategy.

7 Ways you can be ready for the B2B Customer experience reset

Better research is important

To plan any strategy, there is a need to research. Customer experience strategy is extremely important for B2B SaaS companies. B2B organisations have become more customer-focused and their strategy needs to improve profitability. Being enthusiastic and committed to satisfying customers is important. Customer centricity will become the focus automatically only if the company is aware of what the B2B  SaaS companies want. Understanding customer needs to necessary to provide them the satisfaction they sign up for.

Personalisation is important

B2B organisations thrive on buyer personas. They are already aware about segmentation and are aware of buyer journey. Every aspect of the company-customer relationship should be focused on personalisation. For making any customer experience strategy work, it is necessary to go beyond personalized offers and services. Training employees of the company in understanding the intricacies of B2B engagement is also important.

The digital shift

With COVID-19, the acceleration of digital behaviour has increased. B2B companies or SaaS companies in particular have less of an effort than others. Most B2B companies are better prepared to work remotely. This needs to be kept in mind while planning their customer experience strategy. The move digitally proves that customers lean towards self-service. They want an increase in self-service channels or touchpoints. According to research by McKinsey, more than 60 percent of B2B customers want an increase in self serviced channels.

Review customer needs

Another important aspect to take into account is if the organisation is set to support or hinder the customer and their needs. Is there a balance about customer expectations and your offerings? Some important points to consider here include ownership, collaboration, performance tracking, and support process. Which elements of the customer journey are owned by the customer? Do they have support systems or tools to use the product to their best advantage? Is the organisation able to deliver the best customer experience with these needs in mind?

Focus on branding

Have you outgrown your company message or is it still relevant? Make sure your B2B customers know the pivotal areas of your company. When you are branded to give the best customer experience, it is easier for customers to feel wanted. When B2B customers connect with the messaging, giving them the customer experience they deserve and want becomes much simpler. Another aspect of branding and communication is frequency. If a customer does not want to be informed about certain aspects, it is better to get clarity on those aspects. Get alerted for changes in customer’s organisation to maintain transparency.

Undertake account-based marketing

B2B companies can get bigger if they undertake account-based marketing for long term growth. Using smart tactics to manage customer experience is important. Building interest in product education will help rapidly. Ensure you have a good tool to make your B2B customers more interested and engaged. With customer account intelligence data, you can tap into the customers exact standpoint and view things. When you are aware of all the activities in the company, it is easier to estimate what works when and how.

Responsiveness in solving issues

Timely responsiveness is important for success in any business. As consumers in this era, we are used to responses in seconds. Speedy delivery, timely response, and quick problem solving are essential. Across multiple touchpoints throughout the customer journey, it is important to understand that responsiveness is paramount. Proactively reaching out and solving customer queries can massively help before customer feels the pain. Quick resolution aspects like live chat, chat bots, or such tools can help with quick resolution.

Bottom Line: Improving B2B SaaS Customer Experience needs a long term strategy

Customer behaviour is subject to change. Competition, peer influence, technology, or external legal factors determine whether a company will stay with you or no. even if you have an excellent customer experience strategy or service in mind, it is necessary to make improvements. These improvements need to be made with the evolving business landscape. Applying concepts like design thinking to customer experience is important to transform customer journey. To assess company performance in silos, research in customer loyalty and satisfaction is important.

The basic foundation of any customer success is commitment to being customer centred. If any company has a sales-driven strategy as compared to a customer based strategy, the value is less. Customer experience management needs to continually evolve to get a competitive advantage.

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