Advantages of Hiring a Consultant to Handle Your Canada PR Visa Process

If achieving a Canada PR visa is your dream, you will be satisfied to know that Canada has among the most simplified and smoothest immigration policies worldwide. However, if you apply for Canadian permanent residency, it can be tiresome and time-consuming. You need to collect all the legal and financial documents, authenticate them, and apply for a PR visa. 

As you need financial advisors, lawyers, and other professional services for vital matters, you need to hire an excellent consultant from a registered Canada consultancy. 

Immigrating to a country can considerably change your life and career. So, it would help if you had an immigration consultant as a guide, advisor, and mentor to help you throughout the entire process. But before you delve into the benefits of hiring a consultant, you should know about the Canada permanent residency visa. 

What does Canada Permanent Residency Visa do?

You can avail different visa categories and immigration programs under the Canada PR or permanent residency visa. If you go through the Canada PR visa process and your application gets accepted, you will be a permanent resident of Canada. Therefore, though you will not be a native citizen of Canada, you will legally have all the rights as a Canadian citizen. However, a foreign worker or an international student does not have the same privileges as a permanent resident.

To get a Canada PR visa, there are numerous immigration programs available. If you want the status of a permanent resident, then you need to apply to the IRCC or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Moreover, you can get Canadian citizenship after living five years there. 

Advantages of Hiring an Immigration Consultant:

Guidance in Selecting your Visa: 

Each category of Canadian visa is different from the other. You can be eligible for more than two programs simultaneously. As the choice becomes difficult, a PR consultant can guide you here. They help you comprehend which option is better for you depending on your profile and its demand in Canada. They also assist you in understanding your score correctly, which can be a little hard if you are applying via free online assessment forms.

Comprehending and Solving Complex Problems: 

After checking your eligibility, the first step of a Canada PR visa is Educational Credential Assessment. Most applicants get stuck at this step due to the sealed transcript necessities. However, the step is not that complicated, and getting help from a consultant will save time to understand the process. 

Professional Applications: 

You should present your application professionally. So, both the authorities and employers in Canada will consider you before anyone. You should hire an immigration consultant as they excel at their job to prepare your visa that is acceptable professionally. 

Verified Paperwork and Procedure: 

Even one mismatched document can hinder your dream of becoming a Canadian permanent resident. There might be times when you will be accused of fraud by the Canadian authorities. A consultant will be vigilant about your documents and see if your documents are related to the details you shared. They will assist you in verifying your documents.

Competent About Laws: 

After submitting your application, there must be transparent two-way communication between the Canadian authorities and you. Permanent residency visa consultants can help you as a representative of your application. They can ensure that the communication is smooth. In addition, they are always up-to-date about laws, so, if there is any change, you will be aware of the same.

The Suggestion of a Different Option (if Required): 

Even if you meet all the eligibility criteria and have submitted the application correctly, it may not be accepted. In that case, a consultant will advise on different pathways for immigration, such as temporary work permits.

Each Information Matters: 

If there are vital transformations in your life like getting married, having a child, or just changing your job, the Canadian authorities need to know about these. Consultants can let you know and help you understand each process detail.  
In conclusion, all that can be said is an immigration consultant for Canada PR Visa is necessary. They have done the procedure numerous times, so you will not have to be worried about it.

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