A Running Coach Can Help Any Type Of Runner

When it comes to starting an activity, whether for exercise or to compete in, you can’t get more simple than running! There are not many things you absolutely need to start out apart from investing in as good a pair of shoes as you can afford. But there are some things that can help, finding a club to join, hiring a running coach, London to help you train and there are lots of devices for tracking to keep you motivated. Whether you want to get faster or fitter for personal reasons or you want a custom training program so you can consider doing a marathon or joining local races here are some factors to think about.

Five factors to consider that can help you choose the best coach

1) Know what your goal is. Before you rush into selecting the first running coach you come across you should know exactly what it is you want to achieve. Some coaches are better for sprint training, some for off-road running, some for marathons and so on. Some work more with athletes, some more with new runners.

2) What kind of medium do you prefer? Are you looking for someone to help you in person or someone online? How do you prefer to communicate, chat, phone, email? What level of attention do you want from them?

3) Do some research. What is the coach an expert in? Do they offer a training program that is appropriate for you? What do other clients have to say about their experience with this coach? How successful have they been if they have been competing? How do their rates compare to other coaches? What kind of experience do they have themselves, marathons, sprints, trails? It can be very useful to have someone who actually has experience in running not just as a coach.

4) Contact them and talk about what you want and ask about their procedures. You will need to know about what kind of schedule you can expect from your chosen running coach London, and what expectations they have of you. How flexible will that schedule be? Do you have any input on the kind of training you will be doing? How long will you want coaching for? The great thing about having a coach is you have someone supporting you, motivating you and helping you through the tough patches.

5) Do you feel you can trust them? When you talk to your choices of running coach how do you feel during the exchanges? Do they know what they are talking about and can you see yourself working with them for a time? This is a commitment, so make it someone you can trust. Make sure they design a program specifically for you and you not just using one plan they use for everyone. Make sure they do not push you too hard too soon. Otherwise, you are more likely to become burned out and you are going to get frustrated.

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We Run’s standards for its coaches and trainers are among the most stringent in the industry.

Whilst many companies are content with generic personal training qualifications, We Run ensures that all coaches have completed a running-specific qualification, such as those offered and endorsed by the National Governing Body for Running, England Athletics.

This requirement is designed to ensure the safety, efficacy and quality of all of our coaching sessions.

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