A Portable Mill Is Very Versatile

You can get a lot of the advantages of having a portable mill rather than getting a larger mill. It is a tool no DIYer and woodworker should be without as it gives you the chance to handle your own milling needs whatever they are while also being compact, portable and easy to use. Plus when you opt for a portable chain sawmill you can move the mill to where the wood is rather than having to bring it back to the mill and you can take care of it quickly and efficiently at a lower cost.

Great versatility

You can mount a portable mill on other tools you can get a range of extras to use with it and if you do not have a table for it it can be used on any strong surface. You can use it easily on its own and it does a very good job of cutting logs and wood but it is also a machine you can in tandem with other tools to meet different milling needs. Being smaller it takes up little room so is also easy to store when it is not in use.

Safe and easy to use

In order to perform any of the uses you can employ it for, you need to take the proper safety precautions. When you use it correctly it is safe to use and you can avoid issues of injury. Some of those safety precautions include;

  • Make sure you have some experience, you could operate someone else’s, hire one, or operate it with an experienced person supervising you
  • Make sure all the other tools and bits are locked away until you need them
  • Do not force it to do something it is not powerful enough to handle it
  • Wear safety goggles, boots, gloves
  • Make sure your blade is well looked after and not dull
  • Avoid wearing jewelry when operating a portable chain sawmill
  • Make sure you are wearing tight clothing so nothing gets caught in it
  • Take care with electrical cords and their position and make sure they are not worn or frayed
  • Look after all your tools making sure they are kept clean, sharp, oiled, and free of debris depending on what they need

Think about your budget

Even when you are looking at the smaller end of a portable mill you are making an investment so it makes sense to consider what you can afford and what you really need from the tool. You can of course make your money back on it by milling for others, removing logs people want off their land and selling lumber if you want. Consider if you want the business to expand whether it is worth just spending more on a larger mill now rather than having to buy something larger sooner than you thought. You might also like to explore the options and try some mills out and you can do that! Find somewhere that rents them out and try the ones you like and see which suits you best.

Bio – The highly versatile Watts Solo Chainsaw Mill provides convenience and durability in a single tool for transforming raw logs into lumber. The solo chainsaw mill can be moved with a utility vehicle and the devices can easily be transported with a bush plane or helicopter. The type of lumber that can be cut is only limited by the chainsaw being used.

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By Cary Grant

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