8 creative ways you can improve your cake boxes

Continuing the use of ordinary cake boxes can result in damage to the reputation of the brand. So you need to improve them according to the modern trends of the market and current needs. This improvement will benefit in grabbing the attention of customers more easily. So, let’s know about the 8 most creative ways to improve this packaging solution.  

Increase cardboard sheet thickness

Cakes are immediately put into the freezer after baking them in ovens. It is done so because they are best preserved when they are in a freezing state. However, maintaining this temperature becomes critical during shipping to the doorstep of customers. The best way to deal with this via custom cake boxes is using cardboard sheets of increased thickness. These fluted sheets will resist the hot temperature and will preserve the delicious cakes in the original shape with all the elegance conserved. Moreover, it will also offer protection against dust and physical threats like pressure during shipping. 

Go for the eco-friendly solutions

Everyone is aware of the threats to nature because of pollution. Plastic has been the major resource to spread this pollution, and it mainly comes from packaging. So, improve your bakery boxes for cakes by eliminating the use of plastic elements. You can go organic by choosing the materials like corn starch, bamboo pulp, and mushrooms. Such organic packaging gets decomposed easily in a natural decomposition process. So, no carbon emission will take place, and hence the natural resources will stay safe. This tactic will also improve the brand image in the market.  

Revise the size of the packaging

In case you were using the readymade food boxes earlier, then you need to revise the size. It will benefit in several ways. The difference between readymade and customized packaging is quite wide in terms of performance. The readymade box is always a misfit for the products as they are made for general purposes. It will be either very loose or quite small for the products and hence will affect the presentation factor as well. Get a customized packaging solution with custom dimensions according to the size of the cakes. You can also get some boxes of multiple sizes for the cakes of changing volumes.   

Get box tested before use

Modern packaging firms support their clients in several ways as they believe in client satisfaction. So, you can partner with a reliable one and get your printed cake boxes tested before they deploy at the relevant destination. They will perform different tests for the quality assurance that either it is fit for every situation or not. They will perform different tests like the edge crush test and Cobbs test to check the resistance against humidity. Weight carrying ability is also checked, and the relevant measures are taken after the evaluation. It helps avoid any embracement later on that can damage the image of your bakery business.   

Provide handles for carrying ease

The cakes are prepared in different sizes, and people buy them in specific weights. Excessive use of chocolates and other ingredients increases their weight. Hence, it becomes challenging for people to carry while they are sheathed inside the custom boxes. So, you can facilitate the buyers by adding a pair of handles over their top. Crafting these handles is easy in the case of gable boxes. However, you can also add separate fabric, leather, or cardboard handles to facilitate the buyers. This facilitation will easily win the hearts of customers.  

Get your design file in CMYK

Technologies have evolved over the years, and a revolution has taken place in this field. Now businesses tend more toward the firms having the advanced manufacturing and printing technologies to get premium cardboard boxes. Especially digital printing technology is in use at a wide level. So always get your design file in the CMYK as this technology supports this color scheme. It will help you get the exact colors as seen in the file. It will not confuse the buyers between the online images of the ready for shipping cakes and then seeing them physically. 

Add bows and ribbons

Cakes are primarily a baked item for the moments to celebrate with the others. It is the most fundamental source to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other corporate achievements. The exchange of gifts at such events is also a tradition and routine of people. So, a custom packaging for the cakes having the add-ons over it will also give a look of some gift and what could be a better gift than a mouthwatering cake. The addition of ribbons and bows will improve the aesthetics and convince the buyers to purchase such beautifully presented cakes. 

Use fancy coatings over the print

Some kind of value addition is always necessary for such baked items that are used over special events. The elegance of the printed cake boxes represents the importance and value of the event as well. This value addition is done by using fancy coatings like the varnish. Some other popular fancy coatings that brands can choose from are gloss, matte, spot UV, and matte UV. This embellishment of coatings also preserves the print from getting faded because of the changing environmental conditions. 

These were the simple but the most effective ways to improve the cake boxes used in bakeries. This improvement results in the increasing engagement of consumers with the cakes or other items presented in this packaging solution. Increased engagement aids in deriving sales volumes at a fast pace while beating the competition without much effort. 

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