6 key Tactics About Vape Packaging To Get Ahead of Your Competitors

The use of vaping products has increased over the past few years. The main reason is the perception which makes it a great replacement for traditional tobacco smoking. Many new brands are also trying to establish their name in the sector. A well-designed vape packaging is considered a great source to achieve a distinctive position and go ahead of your competitors. However, by implementing some unique features you can win the customers’ hearts. Such packaging can produce a style icon for your brand and enhance the overall value of your firm.  It is an effective way to target the people by highlighting your branding message. Let us discuss some key tactics about designing vape packaging that will make yous surpass the competition:

Protection With Luxury:

Vaping products are sensitive. Their central part is made up of glass to make customers look at the e-juice. Therefore, these items require extreme safety to deliver safely in the hands of consumers. Highly durable material is used to protect these items from external damage. But this is not enough to impress the customers. You need to provide much more than protection. The use of custom inserts can make a good contribution in this regard. They keep your products at a fixed position and save them external pressure or an accidental downfall. Foam inserts are also suitable as they protect your vape products from scratches and other harm. It also makes your package leakproof and dust-free to enhance the customer experience.

Smart Product Unboxing:

Delivering vaping products to the market without adding any glamour or excitement will never leave a positive impression on the customers. You have to work on various other aspects as well. Unboxing is a wonderful way by which businesses get a chance to show their creativity. Smart unboxing positively affects the mood of the buyers. As vaping products are usually used by people as a try to quit smoking, so these items should be packaged enticingly to grab their attention in seconds. A flip-top opening, a child-resistant sleeve packaging, or any other unique shaped box is a clever way to stylize your products. Introducing a typical box opening style will never appeal to the customers. Working on innovative ways to display your product provides an exceptional box opening experience that customers remember for a long. Instead of displaying your products adorably, you may also place in any promotional material, a custom printed thank-you note, a discounted voucher, business card, or a sample of the new products to excite the customers for their next purchase.

Aesthetically Inspiring Design:

The packaging design of your vaping products plays an important role in motivating the customers for future purchases. An engaging design can create a better impact on the customers in a retail outlet. It’s the reason that various brands are focusing more on the external display of their custom vape packaging to enjoy a standout position on shelves. The businesses have plenty of options to work on. Making the right choice of colors, fonts, graphics, and printing artwork can help you in creating an amazing display. An aesthetically appealing design makes your brand more recognizable among a bunch of products. Some brands also go for introducing lamination and finishing effects like gloss/matte, embossing, debossing, spot UV, aqueous coating and metallic foiling, etc. to add enhance the grace of your vape boxes. These add-ons create a mesmerizing effect. Together used with attractive colors and interesting typography style you can create a striking visual appeal. Fascinating fonts should be used to display the product information.

Use Window Panes:

The best hack to get a competitive advantage is enhancing your product presentation. Buyers are usually curious about the outlook of their items. Displaying infographics is not just enough for them. The use of a windowpane or an interesting die-cut pattern facilitates the customers to see-through the package even without opening the seal. To do this you may incorporate a transparent sheet on the front side of the vape box. This sheet is connected strongly with the inner walls with an adhesive to save your vapes from scratches, dust, or other atmospheric effects. The quality and beauty of the products can be easily seen through this custom window cut-out. By getting such an appearance, the customers pay more attention than usual. Such packaging represents your vaping items well in a retail environment.

Prefer Sustainable Material:

This trend is becoming highly acceptable among consumers. The people are moving towards it due to increased environmental pollution and global waste. It is mainly due to the excessive use of plastic packaging products. Plastic is difficult to recycle. It takes centuries to decompose releasing tons of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. Designing your custom vape packaging from sustainable material can make a big contribution in this regard. It is the best way to portray yourself as a responsible brand and establish a distinguished position among the competitors.  There is a variety of choices when it comes to sustainable packaging. Kraft paper, cardstock, and corrugated cardboard are some of the most commonly used options.  The material is highly durable, easy to customize, and functional to use. Using it for your vape packaging leads to an increase in business sales.

Promote the Key Features of your Vape Brand:

The best packaging is one that promotes the key features of your brand along with providing maximum protection to your products.  Your vape boxes can be used as a perfect branding tool for your business. They play an important role in differentiating your products from others in the competition. Print them with your business name, logo, tagline, related images, and other branding elements to boost their visibility. You may use supportive themes and interactive slogans to make your brand ahead of the competition. Promoting the key features of your products by using attractive colors, fonts and shades can help you in creating a distinct brand identity.

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