5 Very Addictive Mobile Games

The visuals, music, and transition effects in mobile games have improved dramatically in recent years. The majority of us spend countless hours engrossed in video games on our portable electronic gadgets. 

There are times when we just want to play a game for the sake of having fun and relieving tension. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular casual games that you may play while waiting for a train, escaping a boring lecture, or while taking a short break at work. 

Warning: These games may be quite addicting, so be careful!

1. Threes:

Instead of numbing your thoughts when you’ve got five minutes to waste, try playing Threes! To add or multiply by threes, move numbered tiles across a four-by-four grid. The soundtrack is a big part of what makes the game enjoyable.

When there are no more blank spaces on the grid to slide about in, the game is over. The game is over in three to seven minutes.

2. Desert Golfing:

Golfing in the desert is an unusual form of the game. You’re met by searing heat and sand dunes as you prepare to play golf in the desert. The game progresses at a steady pace from one level to the next.

Swiping your golf ball in the direction of the hole is an effective way to guide it. When you’re out in the middle of nothing, nothing beats a round of golf. You cannot rewind or restart a level in the current game version.

Even while it may be rewarding and enjoyable at times, it can also be stressful.

3. Alto’s Adventure:

For the first time in a long time, we’ve seen a snowboarding game with this level of visual awe. This game has some of the nicest graphics I’ve seen in a while. In addition, the gameplay isn’t that bad.

Players must dodge and jump over cliffs while collecting coins to get access to new stages, characters, and snowboards in this game. If you don’t have to pay attention to the controls, a basic game like this may still be really enjoyable. 

However, Freecell is also an interesting and enjoyable card game.

4. Pokémon GO:

Among the most played video games ever is Pokémon. There is now a mobile version of the app available. Bring your favorite characters to life with this collection of Pokémon miniatures.

Real-world Investigation of Pokestops is an essential part of the Pokemon GO gameplay. Playing the game is the only way to progress.

Augmented Reality (AR) uses your camera and gyroscope to project a real-world picture of a Pokémon onto your screen. Catch it using a Poké Ball.

To play this game with friends and exchange Pokémon, you don’t even have to leave your house. If you’re looking for competitive Pokemon battles, you’re missing out on a lot more. This is a good method to pass the time when you’re waiting in line anywhere. Unless you’re really fortunate, you’ll never know what a rare Pokémon looks like.

5. Super Mario Run:

Playing Super Mario on your smartphone will allow you to relive some of your fondest childhood memories. Mario has been updated to make use of the latest smartphone technologies.

To control Mario, all you have to do is touch or slide the screen. In order to do breathtaking high-jumps and mid-air spins, this game requires the exact timing of your touches.

There’s no doubt that Super Mario Run is a great game, but it’s not just another endless runner like Subway Surfers. After completing the game, you’ll be able to play four more game types. If you’re feeling daring, you may either finish the campaign or build your own empire.

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The Bottom Line:

Play a brief game on your smartphone instead of lazily browsing through social media or worrying over yet another clickbait article. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing a soothing iOS puzzle game or a wild iOS control game.

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