5 tips that can make any photograph more attractive

Let’s be honest. We all wish that we were better photographers. There is no shortcut to making your photographs look good but a combination of a few simple tips can go a long way in making your photograph stand out. If you keep reading, we assure you that it won’t take years for you to polish your skills and without much effort, your photographs will start looking fantastic.

After applying these tips mentioned below, you will see a dramatic change in the quality of the photographs for good, and thereafter as in any skill development, the change will be slower as you will be on the cusp of being a professional photographer and naturally the speed will slow down. But first of all, let’s dive into the basic tips that will make your photographs look amazing.

1- Concentrate on a clear subject: If one is having a difficult time getting an essay to make any coherent sense, chances are that one has picked too many subjects than one can handle in a single essay. If you are into food styling photography whenever taking a picture, decide on the center of attention of the picture. Try to focus and zoom on that center of attention. This helps you in telling the story which you want to convey via the photograph. Zoom in a tight manner on the main part of the story to get the best results.

2- Lighting: Lighting is a primary aspect of photography and yet it can be said that it is overlooked very often, especially by amateur photographers but ask any professional photographer and they won’t stop talking about its importance.  Lighting is essential to make any picture look brilliant.

There are some ways to make a portrait photo have effective lighting.  One can place the subject of the photograph so that light falls on it evenly. The person to be photographed could be asked to turn their backs to the sun so that lighting is not striking the face unevenly. Another thing to keep in mind is that the best landscape mode photos are taken in the mornings and evenings. The middle of the day is often not the right time for taking such pictures.

3- No distractions: In order to keep the viewer’s focus on the subject of the photograph, one should avoid any unnecessary objects showing up in the photograph. The viewer cannot enjoy the subject if it is full of distractions. These distractions in a photograph often appear on the edge region and should be cropped away if possible and not brought within the frame to begin with.

4- Eye Contact with Subject: Direct eye contact can be as effective in a photograph as it is in actual life situations.If you are taking a picture of a person, hold the camera at his eye level to get a soul-piercing shot.  For children, this tip means that you should get down to their eye level. The human gaze has the power to attract and use this fact to your advantage for taking beautiful shots.

5 – Background should be Plain: As much as possible, keep the background of your pictures plain so that the subject gets the main focus. Study the area where you are taking photographs and try to choose those angles for taking pictures which help in having a plain background.

6- Use of Flash: In outdoor scenarios, a bright sunny day can be a tricky time to take photographs. Bright sun can create shadows on the face of the subject of the picture. This can be dealt with by using flash. 

Use an appropriate mode depending on whether the subject is close or far from you.

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By Michael Caine

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