5 Tips For Choosing The Right Aluminum Folding Doors

Undoubtedly, Aluminum folding doors are one of the best options to prepare your home for any weather. Apart from adding aesthetic beauty to your rooms, the aluminum folding doors are durable and bring in ample light and ventilation during a breezy day. 

If you are looking for an aluminum folding door for your next project, here are some great tips to ensure you buy the best. 

1. Understand Your Decor Style

The first and foremost tip is to choose an aluminum folding door design that suits your room or building decor. Many top manufacturers like TOSTEM aluminum folding doors come in different colors and designs. You can choose the one that blends in perfectly with your room’s color or ambiance. 

For example, aluminum folding doors with TOSTEM’s patented TEXGUARD anodized coating shine bright for years. You can choose a custom color with a nickel or silver finish. It adds elegance to your home or commercial space, making it look appealing to the eyes. 

2. Invest in a Weather-Resistant Aluminum Folding Door.

The weather plays a key role while choosing aluminum folding doors. Aluminum folding doors have inherently good strength, but a poor coating can wither out in extreme climatic conditions. Therefore, it is always safe to invest in a weather-resistant aluminum folding door that can withstand varying temperatures. 

For example, TOSTEM India’s aluminum folding doors are highly resistant to climatic changes. This way you invest in a door that lasts for many years, even during fluctuating climatic conditions. 

3. Look Out for Safety Features.

Doors are the safety net of your building or house. Therefore, you cannot compromise on its safety features. Look out for doors with strong locks like TOSTEM’s doors that come with crescent locks to make the bifold doors feel secure.

4. Check Out the Noise-Isolating Capability.

If you want to avoid noise leakage, it is always good to prefer one that meets the JIS quality certifications. It keeps the loud noises from entering the room and keeps your space noise-free. JIS tested aluminum folding doors guarantee high-quality noise isolation, like TOSTEM’s aluminum folding doors that offer as high as 25db noise isolation. 

Look out for silicone sealants at all corners like TOSTEMs doors. It guarantees zero noise leakage through any part of the door. 

5. Choose a Pre-Engineered Aluminum Folding Door.

The common way to install a door is at the site. This involves fabricating and assembling a dor at the site. These doors are partially fabricated and assembled at the factory and the rest is done at the site. This is quite time-taking. 

Therefore, you must look for doors that are pre-engineered like TOSTEM’S aluminum folding doors. They use innovative Japanese technology to fully fabricate the doors at the factory and assemble the rest at the site. This saves labor and price while ensuring the quality is maintained at the installation site. 


Aluminum bifold doors are energy-efficient. As you choose the right color for your bi-folding doors, use these tips to make your purchase worth every penny.

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