5 Signs Your Car Needs A New Engine Control Unit!

Everything has a control center in their bodies. Like, your body has the brain, a machine has the motherboard, and your vehicle has its engine. Well, you will be surprised to know that even this engine has a control center called an ECU. The engine control unit (ECU) ensures that this part of your car and the entire vehicle works fine without any issues. However, like everything else, it can play a troublemaker as well.

Signs of a troublesome engine control unit!

 Often amongst so many other concerns in your car, detecting a problem in your ECU becomes very difficult. Mostly, only an expert mechanic can point out the issues and guide you about the solution. And in many cases, the most appropriate solution is to replace this part of the vehicle. In such a case, you should only get it from a verified and trusted source like QuickBitz. The Motec ECU (from their vast range) is most recommended for your vehicle. They provide you with many similar varieties of essentials required to keep your car in fantastic shape. However, if you want to beware of some signs that your Engine Control Unit is giving away, then keep reading.

  • The check engine light – The flashing light on the dashboard screaming for check-engine might be because of dozens of other reasons. But we cannot ignore the fact that it plays an essential role to let you know of any potential issue in the vehicle’s ECU. Naturally, when the engine’s brain doesn’t work fine, its automatic detector system is going to go haywire and show such signs to you. So, if you really want to prevent accidents and ensure your vehicle works fine, never ignore this sign and act immediately.
  • Engine misfiring – Another vital sign that you shouldn’t turn your face from is the engine misfiring very frequently. It happens when it does not receive the command of starting as you ignite the motor. In many cases, the engine does start, but it halts immediately within a few minutes. Both these signs are literal that your ECU requires a car doctor immediately.
  • Decreased gas mileage — A suitable air-fuel ratio is required for optimum vehicle performance. A malfunctioning ECU will be unable to discover how much fuel should go to the combustion chamber. This indicates that, in the combustion process, too much fuel frequently burns. Because of this, your vehicle consumes more fuel than is required. So, you will not only have to increase your monthly gasoline allowance, but you will also be harming the environment.
  • Poor vehicle performance –A smooth car is the key to a perfect drive. Who wants to face those vibrations and hiccups while driving a car? However, your engine often screams, squeaks, halts and does not even accelerate properly if your ECU shows issues. Since the central part of your engine is ill, even your fuel pressure injector and other systems in it don’t know how to function correctly. When the engine does not get the required fuel or the pressure is inadequate, such issues between the drive are expected!
  • The car doesn’t work at all –When the vehicle suddenly halts in between, or it does not start at all, then most probably the engine’s computer system has failed completely. Naturally, when there is no guidance or power in this computer system, how can you expect the machine even to receive commands and work at all?

Of all the other issues that a vehicle faces, this one is a massive problem. And even if you consider the cost that goes into replacing the engine control unit, it is slightly more than other parts of the automobile. Well, basically, you can understand the expenditure by the fact that the more advanced and latest your vehicle is, the ECU required is expensive too. But, since the issue is grave, replacing it becomes imperative and a non-delay task for you.

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By Cary Grant

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